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  1. I did a run with Bleak Waker/Devoted (pistol) and it was great!! Go around with Warrior stance up, you buff with Discipline Strike at the beginning of the encounter and then use Penetrating Strike and Eternal Devotion on everything, they are both Full Atack so its with both guns and buff to damage/acc/pen and crit like crazy
  2. this is my second game, i´m playing a Bleak walker/Devoted with double pistols, Flames of Devotion and Penetrating Strike gives me a lot of DPS and the aura doesn´t turn you into a tank but you are not a slouch either. Its fun ass hell
  3. got a user just to follow this Super exited about doing a similar dual firearm concept, but using a hearth orlan for the extra crits on the class side of things im going for Fighter/sharpshooter concentrating in the pistols aspect, maximizing, the speed of the shots but giving sufficient buff to acc so it also hits. The idea is go with this abilities and use the ones left for some survival (character or mascot) fighter: Discipline barrage, two weapon style, fighter stance, confident aim, weapon specialization, conquerer stance, armored graze... ranger: Marked prey, wounding shot, marksman
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