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  1. Can you use Tup the Terrible in the first Rise of the Goblins adventure? Just considering DLC purchases and wondering if its worth buying the 2nd adventure at the same time as the first. It'd be lovely to use the three 'proper' goblin characters through both adventures )
  2. Yeah I was really looking forward to using them as a whole class of spells I hadn't tried before. But I just can't make a case for them over Aid etc - even though they'll be better in some cases, its hard ot argue for them against Aid/Guidance which can literally be applied to any check. I guess if I'd got Brilliance (which I haven't found yet) it'd be good for Ezren since he can often plays a bunch of spells in a single turn and this would help him recharge every single one.
  3. This is still a live bug. Related (I think?) I also managed to have Lini play Agility, then Ezren played a spell (on Lini's turn) and used Explanded Spellbook and ended up with Agililty in his hand!
  4. On my second playthrough, I've been trying to use different spells, and I've been trying to work out the benefit of spells that you display to improve stats (Agility, Eloquence, Sagacity etc). I've used a few of them but I've never felt they were wortwhile - I always feel like Improved Guidance or Improved Aid would be better. I realise those spells only affect a single check (rather than potentially a whole sequence) but on the other hand you can use them on any check rather than only checks of a particular kind. So I've often found spells like Agility and Strength just sit there clogging up my hand while I wait for a time to use them when they'll actually affect more than one check. I wondered what other people's experiences or opinions are?
  5. "I have no idea why I'm having these issues, given that no one else is reporting them." It may be that the bug is tied to Legendary difficulty - and I imagine not many people are playing the final scenario on Legendary difficulty which is why no-one else is reporting it. (I just played scenario 6.5 on normal and didn't encounter any of those bugs - aside from the scrying/revelation quill one). Alternatively it might be related to whatever wildcards you've got, which I guess even fewer people are playing with.
  6. Don't know if its helpful, but this is still an issue (at least in 6.5). Both Scrying and Revelation Quill caused the behaviour noted above (i.e. you confirm you want to use the spell/item, you pick a card type, you pick a location (Runewell, since its the only one) and the card just sits there next to the deck. If you quit the game and then Continue, you reload at the point where you're prompted to confirm you want to use the spell/item, so at that point you can decline and continue playing. Very annoying since 6.5 is a real grind without these! Augery and Magic Spyglass (which don't ask you to confirm a location) work absolutely fine. I'm playing on an iPad.
  7. Oh cool that would make things easier... I've only played with one team so can't check this myself.
  8. Thanks for responses! So no particular point to playing without Treasure cards by the sounds of it. By the way if you want to play on Heroic Difficulty with an essentially a new party, presumably I have to: Use an existing party slot Remove all your current party members Add in new party members And then you'll still get feat rewards for completing scenarios with new characters - but not loot rewards (since this party slot has already received them). Is that correct?
  9. I'm nearing the end of my first playthrough of the main campaign and looking forward to replaying with different characters. I have been wondering about the wisdom of playing through the campaign without treasure cards - does anyone have any opinions on whether this is a fun thing to do? I was thinking it would presumably make the game a bit more challenging (because the extra cards from chests etc generally seem to be a bit more powerful). More importantly (to me) I was also wondering if this would give the game a better flavour e.g. you won't get goblin allies But I'm wondering if that's just fanciful... presumably you'll still get Bandits in long-buried ruins, Ogres in the General Store and other such immersion-breaking stuff ) Anyone have any thoughts on this?
  10. THANK YOU! That does still work! I'd even happened across that Obsidian post a while ago (before I was searching for dice) and then forgotten all about it!
  11. Thanks for the advice! Sounds most of those dice sets aren't available any more, aside from Asmodee... and with the bugginess of this game as it is a bit apprehensive about linking yet another account in case it messes something up! Anyway now I've found green dice in my fifth chest! So I just need one more set and then all of my 4-person party can have different colours. That's all I want really.
  12. Thanks. Yeah I'd gathered the Obsdian Edition doesn't include dice (in fact I can't see that it includes anything about from the Goblin Dice from RotG but I'm probably wrong!) - that's why they're the main thing I want to get from chests.
  13. Yeah I basically agree with you. But it sticks in the craw a bit to pay for content that's only cosmetic. (I'm fully intending to shell out for the Obsidian Edition once I've finished the base campaign once or twice.) Also it is a bit annoying that the dice bundle now costs £2.99 (apparently £=$ in this economy!) I've promised myself I won't grind for gold!
  14. Thank you! I'll keep plugging away with chests then. 4 so far and no dice (literally or figuratively!)
  15. Thanks for the advice! So it sounds like if I want to find dice I'm [probably] better of NOT using a Rune of Wonder - have I understood that right?
  16. Is the only way to get new dice to pay real money in the store? (I'm not wild about doing that for something that's purely cosmetic.) Or are they still available as random drops from chests? (I haven't got any yet from opening 3 chests) I've searched a few forums but have only managed to find posts from 2016 about dice and I gather the game economy has changed rather a lot since the release of the PC version!
  17. So it does! I had assumed "legendary" referred to the quality of the card (like "epic") but I can see now that's not the case. Thanks for your help!
  18. Thank you! That does make sense. So the loot is only available if I complete the whole Adventure on both higher difficulties? (Does the game tell you that somewhere?)
  19. I've completed the Beginner adventure and Burnt Offerings. In both cases I've not received the special loot that is listed as an adventure reward (Sansien and Orik's Shield, respectively) and the adventure is listed as "incomplete". But I've received everything else properly (additional power/card for characters), and all the characters in my party have all the scenarios listed as complete. Is this a known bug? Is there anything I can do about it? (I'm assuming I'm supposed to actually receive the listed loot, rather than it just going into my Collection.)
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