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  1. MountainTiger and draego, thanks so much for your responses. I must say, I feel more at ease now and less worried about making stupid mistakes during character builds. I guess I should just jump in and have fun already! I am aware of this, but I'm not sure about the costs. Is it expensive at the earlier stages of the game, or does it become more affordable later on in the game? Can one easily change one's characters @ affordable prices, multiple times perhaps? Understood, I just feel that this is WAY more confusing and tech. than lets say BG1&2. The way some of the stats overlap, per se. I kind of miss the old D&D feel (I honestly found that rule-set easier to grasp, especially if you considered how well the tutorial guided you in BG1), but it's also welcoming to see something new and fresh from this team. I'm just not sure how good I'll be at it though (maybe that's why I'm concerned ). Am I D&D at heart?
  2. Hi everybody, I'm pretty new to the forums, and originally introduced myself on another thread where Frog Man was giving me some advice with character builds (I'm sure some of you might've already read my original post perhaps, found over here: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/95525-tips-tricks-for-character-management-in-poe-without-potentially-revealing-any-spoilers/ You'll notice that I enquired about the potential 'SPOILERS' found throughout this exact thread; is it really a bad idea reading these if one really wants some sound advice on good builds? I'm sure I'll be ok, right? I'm only concerned about story SPOILERS, of which I'm sure these mentioned over here are not of said variety. I want to start with this thread we're currently conversing on, and then possibly move over to this one for some more advice: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/85492-the-obsidian-boards-build-list-last-modified-25-feb-17/, but, would this be considered useless nowadays: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/77465-class-build-strategies-index-outdated/, considering its been labeled as "[Outdated]"? I'm asking for advice because I'm used to the older variety of CRPGS such as Baldur's Gate 1 & 2, which were based on D&D tabletop rules, while this RPG's system works slightly different, being based on their own system and all that. I kinda miss having the traditional rules where only certain equipment-types could be utilized by certain classes. These new systems allowing everyone to utilize ANYTHING sure gives you a lot of freedom, but with said freedom also comes more opportunity for mistake-making during character building IMO (or at least for me). I feel like the older systems helped guide you along the way with its 'restrictions', whereas the flexibility afforded by these newer ones could help you jeopardize your character-builds if not careful. So, my final question to all of you then: should I be fine going through this thread without accessing any potential story spoilers? Thank you, S3B
  3. Hi Frogman, Thanks so much for your response, I really appreciate it. I'm only posting now, considering I've been a tad busy as of late. I've already started playing the game, but would just like to ensure that I've got solid character builds in mind before I go any further. I have also now finished reading the manual, but would still like to expand my repertoire as much as possible. So far, I'm considering these 2 threads for starters (please follow the link in the picture): https://ibb.co/cjcsmw I was thinking of starting with "A beginner's guide [guide edition 1.2]" and then moving on to "The Obsidian Boards' Build List - Last modified: 25-Feb-17". Would "Class Build & Srategies Index [Outdated]" still be of any use, considering it's outdated? I specifically asked about spoilers considering "A beginner's guide [guide edition 1.2]" has buttons you need to click on in order to reveal the information concealed due to them claiming to be SPOILERS. Do these in ANY way reveal story/character SPOILERS, or should I be fine viewing them? Lastly, I do recall this game letting you change stats, ultimately enabling you to redo your character builds at any time, at a price of course? P.S. Also, how do I edit a post? I have trouble locating the "edit" button... P.S.S. Is there a way of uploading a picture directly to my post, without having to link it to an URL (as I did above)?
  4. Hi everyone, I'm pretty new to the forums and would like som advice with regards to what has already been mentioned in the topic of this post. I bought this game just after release and then never got to finish it due to time constraints. I'm now in the process of playing it for good this time around (considering I've made some time). I've already downloaded the '.PDF' manual and looked at the errata updates, but I'm not sure about how legit this is in terms of proper assistance with regards to tackling the game with solid character builds. Would you guys recommend checking out the Wiki by any chance? I know there are a lot of tips here on the forums (the main reason I cam here), but I'm scared of spoilers. What's a guy to do? Any advice anyone here could perhaps give me? Also, I did play Baldur's Gate 1 & 2, so I'm NOT a total n00b when it comes to these types of games. I'd just like some advice considering this game runs on it's own tabletop system essentially. Thank you, S3B
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