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  1. Good lord you type slowly. No, not even remotely close to three hours. Well, I was assuming that you actually think about the stuff you post. Maybe I'm mistaken. I actually type pretty fast.
  2. I'll just take a wild guess and say that you've spent.. what? 3 hours in this forum, just reading, thinking about replies and formulating them to air your complaints. The obsidian edition plus the Valeros DLC sets you back 20 euros. I am currently making 12 euros an hour as an untrained text writer on various internet platforms or assistant for a handicapped person. So even if you took it easy, 2 hours would be plenty to pay for that game on steam. Then you'd just need to link accounts to my iOS version and you'd be good to go. Of course, you could throw good time after bad and con
  3. Maybe the rational response to being robbed is to pay your robber for your stuff back. But holy **** is that a weird response. Anyway it's still £24 on ios and no I couldn't. So.. buy it on steam and then link your accounts. And of course you can. Working is easy. I don't know your personal situation, but you seem to be able to operate a keyboard, so if all else fails, one can make money with writing.
  4. In the time you spent on here complaining, you could have worked and easily earned enough money to pay for the obsidian edition and all the DLCs. It's actually at a discount right now.
  5. That's about the size of it! That character is dead, so you roll another one and start again. "Permadeath" is just today's gamer slang for what's always happened in the "real" world of tabletop rpgs and hybrids like the Pathfinder card game. A lot of gamers today don't want this; and I can see why if they've got alot of hours and maybe real world money invested in their characters. Me I always play permadeath; I like to develop my toons and build my teams, and I want to feel the "real" consequences when my plans go wrong. But there's totally nothing wrong with just keeping that tick off and e
  6. How exactly does that permadeath work, anyway? Do you start with a level 1 character with starting equipment and no scenario rewards, and you have to grind them through everything again to continue? I usually just forfeit a scenario after losing a character. I have to replay it anyway.
  7. I just visited a store today and took a look at the prices. The Rise of the Runelords box costs 55 euros. Put things into perspective for me, at least.
  8. Just wanted to mention that the Support team helped me. After they fixed the numbers and I did a fresh installation on my cell phone, everything is working as intended. Cheers!
  9. I can understand that, but the fact that I can't even play the game now (out of fear that I might break it even more or lose my progress again) is very frustrating. If it takes weeks, there's a good chance I'll have moved on by then.
  10. Yes, you're right. I just logged on, and my player number is different. Now I'm back at the tutorial and everything is gone in my pc version. I emailed support. Any idea how long it takes for them to react?
  11. Hell's Vengeance actually has 6 evil iconics (A tiefling asassin, a cleric of Asmodeus, a hellknight, a necromancer, an antipaladin and an inquisitor). That's six classes already covered. Just use them as alternate skins for the original iconics with some changes like you did with the goblins (but with less silly) and add some original characters to replace the other classes. An evil jester as a bard, a bloodthirsty monk, a sorcerer with fiendish blood, a druid that is more eco terrorist than eco friendly... I'm sure you can cook something up. Perhaps have one evil counterpart for every class.
  12. Hello! I have bought your game some time ago and really enjoyed it. Even got all the DLC. Now I installed it on my Android phone and logged on with my Asmodee account. I could play with my party, all scenarios were unlocked and go through an adventure, gathering some loot, but when I next opened the game, all my progress was erased. I started a new campaign with a new party, went through 2 scenarios while being offline and then connected to the internet to empy my stash. After closing and re-opening the game, my new party and my progress is gone. In my pc game version, my stash is
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