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  1. Star Citizen has been around since 2012 and allegedly has over 200 million dollars in funding. The most watched Star Citizen video that I could find has 2~ million views from several years ago. The TOW trailer has gotten over 3 million views in 3 days and broke Youtube's top 10 trending list for a while - far more than any other VGA trailer (including AAA games Anthem, Far Cry New Day, and Devil May Cry 5). That's not nothing, nor is it unworthy of commentary. This may Obisidian's chance to really get in the public's eye and shine and cement a future for itself.
  2. I'm actually pretty much watching the stream solely for the Obsidian announcement. C'mon Obsidian, don't disappoint!
  3. Pallegina has three basic endings in PoE1: 1)Doesn't finish the quest, ends up a disgraced guard for hire 2)Exiled, becomes a Kind Wayfarer 3)Remains in the Vailian Republic as a Five Suns paladin. In PoE2 I've encountered disgraced guard Pallegina and Five Suns Pallegina, but have observed no comment, allusion, of mention of Pallegina ever being a Kind Wayer paladin anywhere. Has the disgraced guard/Kind Wayer endings been condensed/retcon into the Pallegina guarding the docks, or is their another import save bug ala Eder and Vela? Any clarification would be great.
  4. As a 'professional statement taker' I know well the eternal truth of Babylon 5. Understanding is a three sided sword. There is your side, their side, and the truth. And so far we only one of the sides. Understanding is yet far away. But 'truthfully' I don't care to find out about out what the other sides have to say at this point. Because even if Avellone is speaking completely factually - so what? Obsidian's owners are incompetent/ruthless? There is nepotism going on in the company? As a consumer of RPG video games what is that to me? The game is either good or it isn't, and I enjoy it or I won't. So far, I can't recall an Obsidian game I've played that I did not immensely enjoy, games Obsidian made while Avellone worked there and games they made after he left. If Obsidian did him wrong - fine. Let him seek restitution through the civil and criminal justice systems. The courts and the police are open. Yet, wait, he hasn't, hasn't he? What police reports or lawsuits has he filed? None? Then I suppose it wasn't that bad, was it? And if whatever wrong he suffered wasn't severe enough for him to seek formal restitution for himself then it wasn't severe enough to prevent me from enjoying the game I've backed. Of course, Avellone has now stated or made allusions to on the other forum that legal action is imminent - years after he left the company. Paradox is suddenly contacting him a year and a half after Tyranny was released because "they aren't happy with Obsidian" even though there are interviews on the web stating they would love to work with Obsidian again (like this one: https://www.pcgamesn.com/tyranny/tyranny-sales-paradox-obsidian ) Yet, only the cusp of a major Obsidian release does Avellone, who works for a competitor on a rival project, suddenly get on the forums and start making these allegations and allusions. A big game is about to be released and this should be a joyous time for at all, yet this does this mudslinging sour it. Maybe you haven't realized it yet, Avellone, but its hard to sling mud without getting muddy yourself. Whatever. I'm going to enjoy this game in spite of you.
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