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  1. I am trying to end Xoti companion quest (Gaunt's Lantern) in an evil way. In the quest Description I can see that I pushed her 2 Times to dark, 3 to light. I chose Adra pilar as the quest resolver. However, whatever I choose during covnersation with adra, she releases the souls. Can I somehow change it? I have got 1 point of reputation with her, maybe getting more will help? Or maybe I should progress more in the game and let her absorb more souls?
  2. In Pillars Of Ethernity 1 we had a switch in options menu, so we could see what Dispisition we will get if we choose certain option. ​I cannot find the same option in Deadfire, could someone help me, where to find it?
  3. During Animancy hearings, I was trying to protect animancy as well as I could. However, in the ending slides I got the neutral one. I would like to have my save prepared for PoE2, thus i was trying to modify my save via save editor. Do you know, what globals I should change to get 'animancy is acquitted'?
  4. Anyone? Is starting a new gamę the only solutions? What if IT happen against?
  5. I just finished WM1. After that, I went to Caed Nua to go deeper (I finished levels 1-5 before.) It was a great suprise, when I saw all maps in the dunegon restarted. Maerwald was alive... and in a diary I had information about a drake I killed on 5th level. ​What is more, I saw Kana Rua, which I sacrified in the Skaen temple... ​When I went to meet Lady Webb i meet ghost again... what is going on?! I took saves almost 20 hours before and it does not change... ​Here is zip with save and output_log. (Output is from the laptop, I play on both PC and Laptop) https://www.dropbox.com/s/f4zyy6ziyr32ewn/output_log.zip?dl=0 Diag file in attachment. ​Screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/rLotp ​I do not know if you can see it, but I have got a wyrm pet from level 2, and whole level 1 map is shadowed... What can I do?! DxDiag.txt
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