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  1. Pondering over the right names for these 55 combinations turns out to be a strangely riveting endeavor. Here are some suggestions: druid fighter - earth guardian druid priest - pantheist druid wizard - elementalist wizard cipher - psionic druid monk - hermit ranger monk - wayfarer fighter monk - pugilist priest monk - seeker/aspirant priest ranger - mendicant rogue paladin - holy avenger monk paladin - zealot rogue priest - apostate cipher monk - psimonk wizard priest - heirophant
  2. "I've played a lot of no-heal, permanent-death, weapon-degradation, reset-levels, etc. games in my life. It's not like this is a gameplay style that is new or untouched to me." I also dislike permadeath, no-save roguelikes. The suggestion was not exactly to have a no-heal, no-save rogue-like challenge. I enjoy the oldschool rpg experience where you save after every battle, come up with tactics to ensure your party takes as little damage as possible, carefully manage your limited spells and resources and fight your way out. I enjoy reloading and trying out different strategies to solve
  3. 1) In PoE1, most battles play out the same way over and over again, it gets boring. We should have less battles, but more interestingly-designed encounters with more variety. Hope to see more enemies with more pronounced strengths and weaknesses, e.g. extremely high hp and regen, low hp but extremely hard to hit, oozes that multiply, glass cannons, a huge army of weak enemies etc, that will require different strategies and gear, even on easier difficulty settings. Another aspect is to create interesting battle scenarios, e.g. split your party into groups to defend different entrances
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