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  1. http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.c...Vista_Fix;85439
  2. Hey just found something out ladies and gentlemen. After using this guide to install my KOTOR 2 I was still having a little trouble playing. What I actually did is put it to run on vista and non admin and it actually has been working flawlessly with the new Restored Content mod.
  3. I missed you too Nightshade. And ive got plenty of spam already, hit me up.
  4. Is this mod worth an old vet coming out of retirement for his 10th play through? This looks real promising and I think im going to install it now.
  5. Hmm I thought the EU wasn't too bad... the New Jedi Order series is actually pretty good. I just dislike the ending...
  6. Just found these forums again, and I was wonderin... Since both companies workin on this dropped the license... Is the data still floating around and does anyone think someone will pick it up?
  7. my email is listed on my profile page... darthrevan909@yahoo.com
  8. You can find the file just about anywhere, I didn't update the link because like I said a google search is what brought me to the link in the first place.
  9. I replied to your email, yes I am accepting emails. Windows 7 will have twice the issues Vista did with this game, after all it was built with only XP in mind.
  10. The TSLRP is the culprit, try visiting there website and look at bug logs. Other than that I have never heard of that bug.
  11. Email me with your issues, too many forums to keep up with at the moment. Im a mod here, tech support there, and so on. And some of them pay. (nothing personal if I didnt reply to you) still Surprised this never got stickied, hell id even clean it up a bit.
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