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  1. Didn't work Just going to go back to an older save now and see if that avoids it, thanks anyways.
  2. Okay, so after I get out of the Telos Polar Academy bug-free, I decide to go to Onderon. Space fight starts, I shoot down the six fighters and crash-land on Dxun. Then, I go out to the Mandalorian camp, activate most of the side quests there and complete 2 or 3 (which required running around part of the intermediate jungle area). Then, I decide to head back to the Ebon Hawk and get Visas. I do so, the long way, fight her, and pretty easily win. While I'm there, I progress as far in Kreia's dialogs as I can, get the will bonus from Atton, and successfully get force sight from Visas. When I try to exit the Ebon Hawk, though, it takes a rather long time to go to the party selection screen, then afterwards fades to black. No cutscene, no music, no sound. Just black. It apparently stays like this forever (or at least for several hours). I'm playing a female LS consular, and am at about level 13, if that helps. What is this? Is there anything I can do? Or should I just go back to a pre-fight save?
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