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  1. I think the fact that a lot of these bugs have been around for so long is shocking. I've stopped playing for now and just check here to see if there is an update from the devs regarding getting the bug numbers down .... I don't mind supporting the devs by reporting bugs ... which I was doing .... but there's just way too many ..... started feeling like a playtester rather than a player
  2. This is a really good thread with some well thought out feedback to the devs Rather than a "how the sausage is made" post I'd sooner we have more info regarding plans for the game going forward and seeing those bugs and glitches get fixed. I'm literally bumping into new bugs every time I play right now It is frustrating because the game itself has huge potential and I really, really enjoy the way it plays on tablet I jumped all over the Obsidian Edition but I'm starting to feel that by buying it I've simply killed off the whole idea of the treasure chests :/ ... and that following on from additions prior to the PC release like the massively overpriced Alt bundles and dice bundles makes me worry about where the game is going I am however, bugs aside, more hopeful about the Rise of the Goblins expansion .... I'm happy to invest in additional content if I can see that it will add to the game and make it more fun ... but recent changes, features, removal of features haven't really been going in that direction. When as devs you find yourselves often using words like "workaround" as temp solutions to bugs and trying to explain why you did what you did after a new feature or change has gone out ... something surely has gone seriously wrong?
  3. Recycle mode? Shouldn't you just be a able to drag it back onto your deck like a regular recharge when there is damage that can be reduced?
  4. Platform: iPad Air Store Clicking on the chest icon from the main map screen takes you to the store and displays an offset UI on the Special tab. Content on this tab is broken and cannot be selected. The other tabs work fine but the Special tab remains broken when re selected. This happens all the time for me when the store is accessed this way. Accessing the store in other ways (like from the main screen) works fine and doesn't have this problem ! There is also an "!" icon on the Enhancements tab that is permanent and doesn't go away after content has been viewed. There is also a permanent "!" icon on the store icon on the main screen .... (due to "!" on the Enhancements tab?) Alt Equipment Sets When all the Alt Equipment sets have been purchased via the Obsidian Edition (and maybe separately?) the "Ragged and Refined Bundle" and "Power and Prestige Bundle" are still displayed as purchasable. Maybe add a check that if all the Alt sets are owned then the purchase option is flagged as Owned for clarity. This may be worth doing for other sets such as dice if the same thing happens?
  5. Is there supposed to be 2 in the tutorial? When you defeat 1 at the final location the tutorial ends .... but whilst playing the tutorial two cards were revealed as the Sandpoint Devil
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