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  1. Ok this time It truly is a problem that I can't overcome. I am on the alpine dragon and I simply can not do enough damage to him. The lowest I can get him is injured and for a second very injured but that's it. I am level 16 have silver flash am buffed and so on, the living weapons don't seem to be able to really anything. Dragon thrash does work, it just doesn't seem to be enough to overcome his health regen.
  2. Ah never mind they stopped instantly pulling once I summoned the 3 beetles although they didn't pull the beetles either, the AI can be a bit hard to give the right feedback sometimes.
  3. Hello thank you for the advice it helped out. I am now in the first level of the mines under The Battery, and I am not capable of beating the ghosts that spawn when I try to take the key from the dead dwarf's body to unlock the workshop. I get instantly stun lock and pulled into several groups of more stun locking ranged spectres.
  4. Hello, I am just now starting out with this build and would like to point out that getting the bronze horn in act I is now a bit more difficult as it costs 6k gold. I am making my way through, but I was wondering if there are any other items I could use to help me out, especially in closed off tiny rooms, e.g bear cave, spore cave etc.
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