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  1. This is resolved, for me at least. The issue was with steam it appeared getting stuck at some point during the unpacking. After working with steam support this is what fixed the issue if anyone else suffers like I have. "Fortunately, there's a way to bypass this: we can delete the remaining pre-load data. you'll need to open up file explorer and navigate to your Steamapps folder. From here, delete the folder called "depotcache". This will ensure that all the remaining pre-load data is cleared. Once you've deleted it, Steam should re-download the data from our servers instead of tryi
  2. If it's a problem with a DLC, you can try to disable them in the deadfire steam library panel and restart steam, to see if the issue persists. Then re-enable them bit by bit until you find something not working. I don't think it's an issue with that at least. It seems to be getting stuck either unpacking, or then going from that to the patch? Not really sure, as it just comes to a halt with no progress on anything I can see sadly. I had disabled all the DLC's already in the hopes that might be it but that didn't make a difference either unfortunately.
  3. Just another nudge in the hopes someone else has had this issue and managed to get around it. What I've done so far Wait to let it unpack (essentially been letting it do this as much as possible since release, and it hasn't fixed it) Delete/uninstall the game and redownload several times Change servers Steam is downloading from Close and restart Steam several times. Empty Steams download cache Disabled all the various DLC's/Extra's Leave it to wait - at first it IS unpacking, and spends around an hour or so doing so. I can see the files being unpacked in the "download" section o
  4. Has anyone managed to find a way around this, or did it fix it itself? I've still yet to make it get past 16.9 gigs and deal with what I assume is the patch, despite leaving it on all day now.
  5. Already waited all of last evening and this morning, but guess I can continue waiting for now. Hopefully it does something before it reaches the 12 hours mark!
  6. Seem to be stuck with this as well. Been stuck at 16.9 for countless hours at this point with steam claiming no disk activity. Tried getting rid of the preload and re downloading, but hit the same issue. Do I simply need to stick it out at this point, and hope it does.. whatever it's doing?
  7. Could be! Guess we shall have to see, but given it will continue on for many months after, not that big an issue if we don't complete it before release.
  8. That's already known unfortunately, it seems! Was unearthed before they released the video. Edit: You already saw/found that out. Oops to my unnecessary posting.
  9. Yeah, I agree on that. Does seem strange when used to it being at the bottom typically. But I suppose it isn't a big deal in the end.
  10. Looks wonderful. Not so sure about the "white glow" around journal updates in the top left corner but this is all making me even more excited about the game!
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