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  1. If plans have slipped a little, I know I'm fine with that (opinions may understandably vary). Keeping on schedule is one metric for success, but so is sorting out issues before players are forced to deal with them. The QA phase of any development cycle rarely gets the love it deserves. I work in IT, so I'm aware plans slip. All that is required is communication, a simple one line tweet or a forum update.
  2. How can I tell how much money I've spent on the iOS, so I can figure if I'm over or under the $25?
  3. I applied today's patch, and succesfuly logged into Asmodee. I restarted per @Stratagemini's suggestion and rebuilt my party. All my progress is back! Thankfully closing this and will be able to get my adventure in tonight. If you restart the game you get back the characters (and their decks). But it dissolves your parties.
  4. I also lost everything when logging into asmodee. PFID-48BEE69F848E8DF3 iOS gamecenter: caroliebee #4903 Thank you, Conrad
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