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  1. If the cap is increased will I be able to get my cards that were already salvaged for being over the current one restored?
  2. For the public record: MrBishop got back to me very promptly, I'm entirely satisfied with the situation, and all is well with the world. Well... not everything, there are still wars and famines are stuff. But all is well with the world re: my personal Pathfinder Adventures situation. So I hope my previous posts don't give anyone an overly negative view of the team! They really were great about the whole thing.
  3. Thank you folks very much for looking into it. Sorry for being a bit cross, honestly losing cards from the character decks alone really isn't that big a deal for me and if I'd known the situation from the start it is so minor I wouldn't even have bothered Support about it. It is much moreso thinking I was patiently waiting for what I'd interpreted as a bug to be investigated only to chance upon a forum post saying the part that concerned me was mostly intended behavior. I really do love the game, that is why I've stuck with it even through the troubled bits. It would just be nice to have better communication, you know? It would go a long way to avoiding so many things.
  4. I don't understand this. For example Lem had a full set of Favors of Shelyn and all but two were deleted from him when they were silently deleted from my collection. Are you telling me that if I find more Favors of Shelyn in chests I can add them to him and they won't be deleted? Is it somehow only if I find them in chests, or find them in-game on other characters? Or I can't have more than two on a character, but if I accidentally put Lem and a Merisiel with one together it won't delete hers? I explained they were missing and gave a list from the B deck blessings, which I think was quite claer. They told me: >I will have to get back to you on this (I think most of the programmers are under their desks rocking back and forth), BUT it might have been an auto-salvage type of thing where if you had more than a certain number of cards it gave you gold in return. >Again, I am not sure on that and will get back to you but I wanted to let you know I'm looking into it. Which I took to mean it might have been a bug, as the idea a fundamental change like this would be implemented without a word was so ridiculous, a bunch of other cards still existed in higher numbers than the ones that were randomly deleted, and that it isn't like it would be the first time you've accidentally nuked random content from people. Also, for an intended change, waiting a week with "I'll get back to you" when a simple "working as intended" would end the issue is just pathetic. One bit or another wouldn't bother me so much, but combined with months of absolute silence, piles of bugs, and not mentioning the GoG release was indefinitely delayed until launch day the whole project seems like a circus of errors.
  5. The overall cap for parties was much more important. Since unlike normal cards you get your treasures zapped for putting too many together the extras meant you didn't need to worry as much if you happened to whip up a mix-and-match party with a Favor of Gozreh here and there if you had a bunch. Now dramatically more things will be getting randomly nuked. It also means, if you have many cards, chests are a joke. When a gold border popped up it may not have been that fancy new toy you hoped, but at least it meant another Portable Ram to play around with. Now it just laughs at you and returns a tiny fraction of the gold you spent on the chest without mentioning it was doing it. Yay... way more fun and less confusing. Totally. Also: you might want to tell support this happens. All I got was speculation that made it seem like yet another bug. It isn't like it would be the first time.
  6. Wow. I posted a message on the forum and sent an email to support a week ago about a huge number of random cards being missing, support told me it was being looked into, and it turns out it was actually an intentional change from the start that you didn't bother telling anyone about? Even, it appears, your own support staff? Not only that, it makes chests even worse. At least you could build a big pile of good cards even if the RNG wasn't giving you anything new. Now it just turns excess copies into a pittance of gold, while a previously culled collection gets clogged with the poor cards? Essentially, if I ever open another chest there is a very good chance it would end up decreasing the chances of finding cards I want in play. Oh, and checking the game it didn't even drop most of the silently culled cards into the unclaimed. Because we need a bug on top.
  7. I've noticed this with the other things that pop up that menu as well (like the Hand Chopper or Assault on the Pinnacle scenario), though for me the invisible "real" buttons are to the right rather than the left. A workaround you might try is clicking the empty space to the side of the Monster button, for me clicking in the empty space to the right of the Blessings button still lets me choose those. No idea what triggers it though, seems to come and go pretty much at random.
  8. Yeah, I think that is a universal bug right now. The Goblin content has leaked in and covered up the normal Burnt Offerings section of the menu (you can tell by some of the adventure names, like "Meeko in a Bag.") so it looks like those adventures haven't been completed and you can't check. My money would be on an accidental death somewhere (I know that has happened to me), but a bug isn't implausible either and unfortunately the only way to know right now would be to replay the scenarios with Lem to see if anything pings.
  9. The update seems to have massacred my card collection. I'm missing a tremendous number of cards, like 5 Blessings of Milani (had 9, now 4), a Favor of Erastil (3 now 2), 2 Favors of Gozreh (4 now 2), 3 Favors of Sarenrae (5 now 2), and 4 Favors of Shelyn (6 now 2). And that is just the B deck blessings. It would take forever to list all the missing cards. Playing on Android, PFID BA8D0554E7D05564
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