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  1. Was playing some more this morning. This time it was Augury that was acting wonky and Scrying was fine. I have Ezren and Kyra in my party we were doing 6-5 I think, the second last mission. I forget which character I was using at the time so maybe the issue is associated with one of those two. I'll have to pay attention to who I'm using when it happens. Edit: Played the same mission a few more times. On the first and second time I played Scrying and Augury worked fine for both characters. On the third time Scrying and Augury had the problem reoccur with Ezren. Didn't get a chance to us
  2. When using the scrying spell the wrong button gets pressed. I now have to hit the button left of the choice I want to make. Example: I have to hit the spell button in order to choose armor. This results in not being able to select the monster button on the far left. This is with the latest Android version. Auguary seems to be working properly.
  3. Yeah, I got hit with wrong quest reward. Game awarded me with 2 chests and a little gold. Even though I had a team of 6 level 40's.
  4. I just upgraded and was greeted with message that I had one level 1 character and got 2 chests for my trouble. The thing is I had 6 level 40 characters. Back when the end of quest mode announcement was made I grinded a team of 6 charters up to level 40. Valeros, Sajan, Seelah, Ezren, Lini and Kyra. All have been level 40 for months and I last played them a few days ago. My tablet is always connected and I regularly do the dailies, just did the one for yesterday. To have all that work done and not get the reward is really disappointing.
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