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  1. So, after a couple days of repeatedly restarting and playing the game following the Obsidian upgrade, everything seems to have come in except for Eder and Pallegrina,having checked the collection(B and P allies tabs), as well as in the stash and unclaimed. PFID: 6D004F6D5B3BEA90
  2. Indeed, it would seem that all the reported problems have come from Android users. Don't know exactly how anything changed in the update could result in something like this, but it's been more than a day now, hopefully the devs can expedite a patch.
  3. ALL of the character dialogue similarly became blank following the update, which seems highly problematic for new players.
  4. After this update was released, the descriptions for the powers stop appearing in the box in the "manage party" screen. Was wondering if anybody else had this problem.
  5. I need help, when attempting to link devices, "error, invalid PFID" keeps popping up. I've triple, quadruple, and quintuple checked that it was indeed the correct PFID, and that the 0s and Os weren't mixed up. Please help, my PFID is 6D004F6D5B3BEA90 Edit:found the solution. So, after looking more closely at the step-by-step instructions layed out, I tried linking the 2 devices WITHOUT logging into my Asmodee account on the Steam(the transferee) device. Guess it sees it as an error when trying to merge with it's own PFID.
  6. Ok so,if the plan is to provide the obsidian version free of charge to players that supported earlier, wouldn't it make a bit of sense to make the Obsidian upgrade a separate DLC as opposed to bundling it with the base game,as it is now on steam? Then we could just purchase the game now for sale price, then devs could just send codes for the Obsidian content on steam(or a 99% coupon, however Steam works idrk).
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