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  1. The soul reading of Wahaki Leader should be tied to Aloth's quest. I think Teacher described the possible cause of this bug correctly. the quest "Friutful Alliance" is bugged. after the watershpper guild quest, if you do not accept the quest right away, there is no way back. however this is not supposed to be a faction exclusive quest. The quick fix to get the achievement is to kill the wahaki leader to force a change in the quest status.
  2. Thanks. same situation here. have to save after getting to Uakizo and load to get the achievement.
  3. What do you mean when you say that Paradox thew Obsidian under the bus with Tyranny? Something happened? Well, that does need contextualized and curtailed a bit. It's not like a business agreement was violated. But Paradox went on record saying that everyone at Paradox expected it to do better. Ergo, something went amiss in the market and Obsidian product. Not with PDX's price hikes across regions, I dont think the sales of both Pillars or Tyranny would increase too much in the future. Many people who are interested in these kinds of games have already purchased them (just look
  4. That's just outright false. Their DLC practices are the best in the industry. They were... It's gone downhill. They used to sell all sorts of little cosmetic stuff piece by piece for super cheap so you could pick and choose, and their big DLC packs were like 10-15 bucks. Now they charge 15-20 for packs not nearly as big or good, and bundle all the little stuff into 5-8 dollar packs. I'd argue that pricing and value of content can't be a deciding factor in whether a DLC policy is good or bad as every individual will have their own determination of whether the price is worth it or not.
  5. Dear Dev, Please dont use Paradox as your publisher. Their pricing policy is atrocious. Recently citing the "possbile growth of" purchasing power, they increased the price of all games they published for Obsidian by almost 50% on steam. Pillars of Eternity went up from CNY 122 to CNY 185, the ultimate version costs CNY 412 ($99.99) from CNY 248($59,99), a 66% increase. https://steamdb.info/sub/107937/ And the price of tyranny went up as well, from CNY 122 to CNY 185, effectively rendering my 25% off coupon mote. The price hike is not limited to one region. It happened across a wide ra
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