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  1. For whatever reason, these 2 lines of dialogue from Izzia in Marihi's Metalwork have no possible responses - making it impossible to progress or escape the conversation. This on the latest patch on Mac. Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2
  2. St. Drogga's Skull is the only weapon you get from just the pre-order bonus, as shown here. I'm not sure what the Matakau axe is.
  3. Sorry, I can't attach the save file, for some reason the forum seems to limit me to uploading <500 kb files and the save file I have is 3 mb. Is there some way to get around this limit?
  4. I am unsure if this is intended, but rouge's backstab seems to not work at all when using an arquebus. Even when using shadowing beyond to go into point blank range of the target, checking the combat logs shows that no backstab damage is being applied on hit. When switching to a melee weapon for the same character, backstab works fine. If it matters, the party member I am using is also multiclassed with ranger, although I'm unsure how that would cause any problems.
  5. Going to Ori O Koiki and killing the Wahaki's leader seems to fix the issue. Upon returning to Onekaza, she will offer you the quest to ally with the Wahaki, and all you need to do is end the conversation and talk to her again to turn in the quest, since, luckily, the quest anticipates the possibility of you killing the leader and still allows you to finish it if you do. Once you finish, you should be able to proceed and sail to Ukaizo without the Wahaki. I tried to do it without killing the leader, however it seems like the only way to get the quest to trigger for now. It's a temporary fix bu
  6. After completing the quest to blow up the powderhouse and having the subsequent conversation with Onekaza, I cannot seem to continue onto the endgame allied with the Huana. In the quest log, "The Coming Storm" is still at the stage where it tells me to "Forge alliances or prepare for a hard journey", despite also stating that completing the aforementioned quest would solidify the alliance with the Huana. Traveling to Ondra's Mortar only allows me to choose to go ahead alone. Unless I am missing something important, it would seem this bug is preventing me from finishing the game.
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