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  1. When? I would like to know too... Apparently it is going to be a few lengthy hours. Yeah, it would be fine if we were at least kept up to date on the status--I hate just waiting and refreshing the page. Could we at least be told if there will be an official announcement once it's fixed? Can we sign up for an email update when it's ready or something? The official announcement on the Obsidian site didn't even mention that there was an issue with the Linux patch and now it's been several days after the patch notes said a few hours Thanks for the update! I can see the
  2. I found that switching the keyboard layout from german to english fixed most of the bindings, but space still does not work.
  3. I'm on linux and I cannot use the "space" key to paus/unpause and the default keybindings for the map, inventory, character, aso. What does work is stealth (Ctrl), the tab key and escape. When I try to set a keybinding only a few keys work and none of the letters (it just stays "Set" and waits for input). I downloaded the game from GOG. I tried to attach a Player.log file to this post, but I get a "Error You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file"
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