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  1. Hello, Joining several people who have asked for detailed list of balance changes to TB-mode, I would like to note that it seems to me that weapon damage was adjusted to decrease the discrepancy between guns vs not guns, and light vs heavy weapons. Specifically: Weapon damage now damage before arbalest 14-22 < 17-25 crossbow 15-19 < 15-20 hunting bow 15-19 < 14-24 warbow 15-19 > 13-19 arquebus 15-22 < 20-26 pistol
  2. Hail travellers, I have recently started playthrough with Herald (Skald/Darcozzi) on PtoD in TURN-BASED mode. With all the current balancing changes to the game (such as Graze on the roll of 1-49), and high PtoD enemy defences, what would be the weapon loadout you recommend? I was doubting between 1) rapier+modal+One-handed style - for crit fishing. 2) dual rapiers+modal - is it better for crit-fishing? 3) rapier+modal + small shield+its modal - will Binding block even work on turn-based with graze on 1-49? 4) something else - sabers (Sasha's), swords (Modwyr), clubs (Kapana Taga)?
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