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  1. Try to do the following: 1) create a new campaign (when the campaign starts the autosave will be created) 2) exit the campaign (you will find yourself in the game main menu) 3) Alt-Tab to the Windows Explorer and open folder "C:\Users\Some_User\Saved Games\Pillars of Eternity" (there you should see the autosave file created at the step 1; let's assume its name is "e140f329-6b43-4294-9513-6123c5932fcd autosave_0.savegame") 4) remove the autosave file, copy you save to this folder and name it "e140f329-6b43-4294-9513-6123c5932fcd autosave_0.savegame" 5) Alt-Tab to the "Pillars of Eternity", go
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