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  1. When the build gets access to Wotw, i liked to wield Sungrazer (for aoe burn on crit kill) and Kapana Taga or Squids Grasp for sturdiness. I also used Grave Calling against vessels and stalking cloak for stuns with WOTW but the game gets so easy at that point that any weapon would work. Stalking cloak is mandatory for ooze megaboss imo. @Kaylonhow do you get hand mortar in solo game ? Serafen just disapeared and was only talkable on the boat with solo mode on.
  2. I ended up with FF/Soul Blade and it absolutely wrecked everything. I think that a SC FF would not be far behind because you get Duality of mortal presence sooner but I don't think SC FF can clean out the digsite without cheese and/or consumables. Early access to Blind (eyestrike) and Charm (whisper of treason) makes it possible so I think FF/Soul Blade is superior. Edit : Nature Godlike is a strong choice but Death Runes (early) and Cap of Laughingstock (after Maje) is a huge bonus. Especially with a Transcendent to help land debuffs.
  3. Ok thanks @Kaylon! You make a great case for the votary and the howler, especially because they would wreck everything from the get-go through amazing defense for the votary and early summons for the howler...
  4. @Kaylonwhy would the FF/troubadour have the easiest way ? Would it be because of longer summons and sure handed hylea chant ? Your builds all seem great guys, now I don't know which one to pick ! But I think I'm leaning towards the transcendant because I love them but always play them ranged and never tried it melee.
  5. Thanks @Shai Hulud, your strategy is the one I imagined when you explained the build but I had forgotten about the club modal which would help a lot ! And, of course, traps might be mandatory to clear out the digsite. Thanks @Kaylonas well, a votary would be nigh unkillable from the get-go but wouldn't it lack in the accuracy and/or damage output department ? Wouldn't a brawler be slightly less sturdy but more efficient offensively ? @Shai Huludthe brawler could be a tweaked version of @Not So Clever Hound's evergreen juggernaut build : at Lvl 33 it would be able to kite dorudugan with Frostseeker and use resonant touch to kill him or am I mistaken ? Although, killing the megabosses isn't a necessity in my mind : I'm a casual player and I'm just looking for a smooth solo experience that still feels challenging. I was just wondering if an ultimate-like experience was possible without food or potion abuse and your transcendant seems to be able to pull it off with some grinding on Maje.
  6. Thanks again @Shai Huludfor your detailed answer. I will test this build when I get the time. I was asking about Troubadour/FF especially because of Port Maje. I don't like to stealth at all and the wurms summon trivializes any encounter on Maje Island. I played a vanilla Troubadour/Bloodmage on Maje Island and it wrecked everything but I stopped that playthrough because I wasn't sure if the build would be able to perform against megabosses. If I were to play vanilla+community patch, do you think that a Troub/FF, a Troub/BM or a Troub/Psion would could also be the kind of build that I'm looking for ?
  7. Thanks @Shai Hulud for your input. I never played with BPM, I usually play vanilla with the community patch. Would that change your perspective ? I know the base game quite well but I haven't taken on the megabosses or played Forbiden Sanctum yet. From what I read in your post Forbidden Fist would be b├ęcasse it is obviously OP and Soul Blade would help for megabosses through Soul Annihilation (did I get that right ?). How would go about building this character ? Max Res and Per, medium Dex and Int ? Use tuotilo's + fist for sturdiness, eventually Wotep against big crowds for group Soul Annihiliation ? Later Seeker's Fang to charge focus rapidly ? How would that build fare on Maje Island ? Should I rely on whispers of treason for digsite+gorecci ? Is SB mandatory because of SA against megabosses or would Ascendant work as well as long as I have disintegretion ? I'm asking because I like ascendant a lot but I guess it would be less synergetic since it would spam spells and not use FF attacks while ascended. Do you think that Troubadour/FF could do the trick as well or would it fall short against megabosses or in FS DLC ? I find that early access to summons trivializes Maje Island way more than missing your charm spell and getting one-shotted by a Deadly Deadfire modded Boar... Lastly, I'm currently in my second reading of Herbert's Dune cycle so I feel like I have to listen to Shai Hulud Thanks again,
  8. Hello ! First of all, thank you @Not So Clever Houndfor your detailed post(s). I've been using your builds for some time now and they never cease to amaze me. Which is why I wanted to call on your expertise to answer my question : I like to play with the level cap 33 mod and I wanted to start a completionist solo POTD upscaled run (eventually even using deadly deadfire mod). In your opinion, what would be the best class to solo everything with the following restrictions : - No consummables (no potions, no scrolls, no figurines, no traps, ...) - The build has to be able to take on any encounter at any point and never use stealth to circumvent danger (Clearing out the digsite, Gorecci Street, DLCs Bosses and Megabosses) - No strand of favor cheese (in a perfect world, I would like to avoid grimoire imprints as well but I'm less reluctant to use it if need be) - Berath's Blessings are ok. - Mods are ok (obviously !). Do you think this build exists (with level cap 33) ? I was thinking about Forbidden Fist/Bloodmage but I'm having some trouble clearing out the digsite, Troubadour/BM (basically your Chilling tunes build) was a cakewalk in comparison but is it able to kill all megabosses with my restrictions ? Maybe Troubadour/Psion or Troub/FF but I did not test them out... Anyways, your insight will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance,
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