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  1. Thanks for the response! The quest looks fun so I am hoping we can get this fixed and I can enjoy the whole experience. If you need me to upload my save game to some location so you can compare it to omgFIREBALLS I would be happy to do so.
  2. Unfortuanetly, I don't have a good way to reproduce this bug. Occasionally, when I load the game I get a rash of daily wages paid on the right side of the screen, from top to bottom. I had 76000 coins, after the load it dropped to 59000. I immediatly reloaded again and I was back up to 76000. Not sure what triggers it but it has happened a few times in my playthroughs and I always reload and it doesn't happen the second time.
  3. After wiping Crookspur of slaver filth, I went north to the forest on the island. After talking down the natives I gave them 6000 coins for their ball and chain so they could find their freedom. However, no money was deducted from my account and I still received the weapon.
  4. Once I reached the Inner Sanctum in the Drowned Barrows Nemnok is summoned. However, once he appears my only option is End Dialouge. Everyone in the room is blue and I can trigger another conversation. However my main option is to tell Nemnok that I am still searching for Grimories for him. I had no conversation on any quests for him, my quest still says deal with Kalli and Nemnok, and is not updated for me to search for anything. The only way I can get anything else to happen, is to take items from the chest under his statue, that are not marked as stealing but immediately turn everyone in the room hositle. My save game size is to large to attach, let me know if I can help further or if there is another way to attach my save game.
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