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  1. CDiaz: thanks. I've uploaded an archive here. It contains dxdiag output, a screenshot of when it happened, a save game right before that. Simply load the save, travel to The Brass Citadel, game exits to the main menu. Note that there is no crash log generated as the game itself doesn't crash — it remains running, it just drops me back into the main menu. Yes, I verified that no crash log is was generated by looking at the installation folder; I even sorted files by their modification date, and the newest file in that folder is five days old. Just for fun I also used Total Commander's search function looking for *.log in the whole installation folder; no joy.
  2. Reinstalling does not help in my case. I've even made sure to remove all remaining files from the installation folder left by the uninstallation.
  3. Same issue for me with patch 1.1.0, GOG. I've just sent a save game & screenshot to bugs@obsidian.net.
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