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  1. Bumping again. Still happening with latest version. No spawn of 4th soul... Guys, come on!
  2. Hi team, just had my first session with the latest patch, 2.1. It feels more smooth than ever, great job! Couple of small things I'd like to raise: - There seems to be an underwear notification in the Resting dialog. as also indicated by thelee under topic "Missing String 5350 and Missing String 5351" - Effigy's Husk (Eyes of the Blackstone) cannot be upgraded/enchanted "crafting requirements not met" despite fulfilling the requirements. - Miscreants Leathers (Kidney Guard) cannot be upgraded/enchanted "crafting requirements not met" despite fulfilling the requirements. - Maybe not a bug, but: Iridescent Scale lets me upgrade to +10 Defense against elemental attacks and lets me add elemental refraction by upgrading the item which reduces damage taken for the selected element. That is all nice but can this somehow be converted to Armor Rating or at least be displayed in another fashion? This stuff is nice but practically invisible in the Character Sheet dialog. With the current solution I need to remember all these defenses and damage reductions when entering a tough fight, for example. While it seems to boil down to the same thing: element armor rating, right? FYI I would like to upload the save game and some screenshots but the Attach Files option says: You can upload up to 507KB of files (Max. single file size: 507KB) So that won't work unfortunately. Please let me know if you would like to receive these files by a different method. Regards, Duin
  3. Hi SChin, thanks for your investigations so far. After patch 2.1.0, these item issues seem to be resolved: - Horns of the Aurochs - The Twin Eels - Oathbrakers End The 'issue' with Boots of the White remains: regardless of the logic behind it, removing the visibility of the current freeze armor rating to the user makes no sense, as that would equal it to not having freeze armor rating at all, so how would i know it's applied anyway, right? Thanks for letting us know the freeze armor rating should be still applied (though hidden in the background) FYI There were some more item issues found, for which I will log a new topic. Cheers! Duin
  4. Hi SChin, small update: Oathbrakers End seems to have befallen the same fate. It bestows us with a formidable and lofty 0 Raw Damage per 0.0 sec for 0.0 sec. Other items, besides the items already mentioned in the previous post, seem fine. Good hunting and thanks, Duin.
  5. Dear Team of Eternity, I'm really having a blast with this game. Some weird stuff occurs once every while, which is mostly fine because it's fixed with a simple reload of the last save game. However, these three item discrepancies keep bugging me. - Boots of the White: they should provide +2 freeze armor rating, however when wearing, my existing +5 freeze armor rating dissolves to nothing. - Horns of the Aurochs: the description mentions +0% Freeze Damage. I would expect the other elements to be included in this list as well. - The Twin Eels: according to the description, we get 0 health restored under some conditions, which sounds awesome because it scales with "missing string -1 * skill". Good luck resolving these Files attached. Let me know when you require more information. Regards, Duin.
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