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  1. Starting today, the game is freezing for about half a second every 5 seconds. I'm pretty sure this wasn't there yesterday, or any day before during my 200 hours playtime. The same thing occurs on any graphic setting, in the game menu, in the title screen and when the game is paused. Same stutters and same time interval. Specs: i7-7700K CPU, GTX 1080Ti, 16GB RAM DDR4, installed on an SSD
  2. The companions with "Attacker" classes in my party use skills themselves without having any behaviour set. Both slots are set to "No Behaviour Set" for all companions. A.I. is turned on and auto-attack is set to "Defensive" for some, and "Defend Self" for others. It doesn't seem to be a problem with spellcasters like Aloth or Xoti. (At least I haven't seen them use any spells unasked) Maia just throws out all her Ranger and Rogue attacks and is out of resources really quickly, despite no behaviour being set.
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