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  1. Any time I try to play the game it will run for about 15 to 20 mininutes before the PC will lock up, can't alt tab, can't move the mouse just everything is frozen yet the CPU is still running and all I can do is hit the restart button, I've no idea what is causing the issue or how to fix it. But I do know it has to do with my pc since trying the game on another pc it works without crashing. My graphic card is a AMD Radeon R9 380 Series and my CPU is a AMD Fx-8320 Eight-core Processor (8CPU): ~3.GHz. DxDiag.txt
  2. So I did some testing after the patch to see if the issue was fixed and it has not...but I did notice my GPU was at 80% when I started the game and when I got a point I normal crashed at I alt tab to see were the GPU was at now and it was 100% moments later, PC locks up again as before. So what is it that Pillars 2 is doing to have the GPU reach that high? Or is this a problem with my pc?
  3. I've been looking though my local files of Pillars to try and find this .log but the only thing I could was this Output log not sure if that what you mean or if it will help. I'll post it here just in case output_log.txt
  4. So, been excited to play Pillars 2 and the start of the game looked promising...but that as far as I could get because for some reason after about 5 or so minutes of gameplay...my pc locks up. Everything freezes, can't alt tab, can't move the mouse it all just...frozen and I have no idea why? I've tried looking to see if anyone else had this issue but so far no one else seems to so I'm hoping someone here knows what to do. Here the DxDiag, that should hopefully helps. DxDiag.txt
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