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  1. I really hope its a good game, but I think I will be buying Force Unleashed first.
  2. No you can not. It is the way it is.
  3. Her Mandalorian clan did. But her biological family was killed by the Mandalorians. I love how people skip dialog. "If the Exile has come then she has not come alone..." Apparently, the Exile thought bringing Mira along would help even without the cut-stories. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Oh I see.
  4. How would you ever be able to get up to 50 any way?
  5. They should make blasters more powerful because they suck in the 2 kotor games.
  6. Some of those smileys are unnecessary, like the cat and the alien.
  7. I am just joking around, just trying to make some SW comments, thats all.
  8. Such acts could lead to the dark side.
  9. Yeah, and you need to calm down, you have almost 90 posts today.
  10. I guess there's PMs 4 that. Otherwise chat is with Messenger or e-mail <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yeah PMs are complicated, the forums make it a lot easier and you can talk to everybody.
  11. Why can't we have a thread to just chat without going in off topic.
  12. That happens with my Star Wars movies.
  13. Now mods, all this talk is about influence(with other posters that is) so lets not shut down.
  14. Yeah you could find some missing parts, but I think you should understand the story the 1st or 2nd time you play.
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