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  1. JFSOCC, you just hit the spot for me. Ive been playing PoE when iam in the mood. I totally agree in all points. Wall of text npbs... that really annoys me! No icon that shows "this guy has a quest for you" means i have to click everyone of them. I hope that all things get polished, because i still love the game and the passion that flows out of it.
  2. i prefer to measure progress in fun playing a game. xp is a tool/mechanism to visualize it. quite a complicate thing, for me the balance is just fine.
  3. Update: i accidently posted this twice. please delete the older post! Hello guy's, i love poe, but i realllyyy dislike the gui when it comes to comparision of items, especially weapon stats. Besides that, i wish that the description of items and spells is more crisp and to the point. I did not found topics on this. Thanks a lot for following comments on this
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