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  1. Now I know that somewhere in the never-ending pages of this thread there has to be something addressing this but I would like to bring it up again because I think it would be a great addition to the game. I think they should give you choice to rebuild the jedi council or rebuild the sith academy or whatever. However I don't want it to be something stupid like you rebuild either one then you never interact with it again. It would be cool if it was made an essiental part of the game to check back and make some decisions of some sort that directly effect the story of the game or the outcome of the main character and his/her relationship with his/her companions.
  2. I agree completely, in all the other games everytime i have ever turned DS i get the feeling that im gonna be the leader of some sith and have some sort of control but it never falls through. That would be awesome if we could finally do something of the sort.
  3. and im gonna have to agree with obitommo about how you can't be the same, that would suck pretty bad. ex. final fantasy starts a whole new storyline every time with new characters that you can develop and what not. they don't use the same characters because you already know about them and stuff. Thats what makes an rpg so interesting when you get to develop characters that you know nothing about. OH this is completely off what i said before but maybe at the end of the game you they could make some thing that says 10 YEARS LATER..... then show how your choices in the game effected everyone in the future????
  4. I think that going to all of these plants we already know about sounds cool and all but wouldn't it be kind of hard to do quests on those plants without changing any story to that planet. So I figure that this would limit most of your choices that you can do on these planets. So I wouldn't mind if they made entirely new planets or used the same ones because then at least you could do whatever with them and not worry about it fitting a storyline in the future. Maybe they could make new planets but make them look similar to that of the planets of naboo and corusant, whichever planet. (sorry if this is pretty confusing)
  5. Wouldn't you have to build the council again because if i remember (im probably wrong) you destroyed the order or the order was killed by darth traya. wouldn't you have to build the council again or i guess if the game starts off in the future then i guess it would of given the jedi time to rebuild themselves.
  6. Forget the PS3 in should come out on the 360 or PC if kotor3 ever comes out. Do you even know how much that pos is gonna cost! $600-$900 and the games are gonna be freakin $90 forget that. The games might look great but omg thats $90 a game unless you're made of money I wouldn't get it.
  7. Well what I want out of K3 the most, is that if you are a padawan, have the other jedi/sith treat you as a padwan and give you tasks that they would give any other padawan and as you go up in ranks or whatever have people giving you more respect until you become a master. Now when you become a master you start to have your own opinion in the council or whatever, and start making critical choices that will change the whole game depending on what you chose to do. Possibly get your own student and be really Cautious about how you teach your student because depending on how you taught him he could turn to the darkside/lightside and later on in the game you would have to kill him or you could have taught him well so he stays dark/lightside (depending on what side you're on) and then he could join your party as an active member on saving or enslaving the galaxy. Pretty much I think I would like a more active role on some of the things that happen in the galaxy. ***Oh and Sorry If anyone has already mentioned this before***
  8. This would also make you the last hope to stop the true sith.
  9. what if Revan and the Exile are both killed off but then you are a new character for k3 and you are so strong in the force that Revan and the Exile can speak to you through the force and then teach you about the Ls or Ds depending on what you said you wanted Revan and the Exile to be. If you choose Exile as Ls and Revan as Ls then its easier for you to learn Ls powers than Ds but that doesn't mean you can't learn Ds its just harder to learn Ds than Ls and same goes if you choose both Ds. Then if you choose one Ds and one Ls then its pretty much normal in the way you learn Ds or Ls. But this doesn't affect how you can choose to be Ls or Ds in the game.
  10. What I think would be pretty cool is if you could upgrade you ship, considering if there was space battles or if you had a HUGE ship and it held a fighter for each one of your allies so you had to have one ally pilot the HUGE ship while the others either got in a fighter or manned a turret on the HUGE ship. Also, you decide who flys, pilots, and gets in the turrets. I just think that would be cool.
  11. Mass effect has the main character talk and it still looks great. Either way, your character talks or not doesn't matter to me, it'll still be a great game.
  12. I like the idea of having the lightsabre customization more detailed but im not sure how exactly you can make it anymore different from the first and second kotor, I mean sure you can change the hilt and I guess you could change the length of the blade and color but what else i wonder?
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