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  1. POE 1 had so many good things, but it had a lot of horrible aspects to fix. It amaze me the fact that 90% of the recognised horrible aspects are still there and the good ones are beign removed slowly. It amaze me almost as much as too see this unwanted and unispired change to magic system. I hated Sorcerers and loved Wizards. I can say i loved the difference lore/rol wise between them. Now Im sure Im going to ignore Wizards, I wouldnt feel like a great mind learning and preparing his spells for the next fight. You can see a tendency to simplify great sagas to reach a wide range of costumers. Well, uncalled multiclass system and this changes are the beggining of that path that Im tired of watching over and over again. In my opinion the best thing you must do when something works its polish it step to step and not rush lots of changes that destroys what made you unique in the first place. Damn I almost cant recognise this game. Positive: - Love the icons that show the locations of aoe spell - Changes to how the the fighter acces to stances - Visual changes to some weapons - Remove the chance to learn spells from grimoires (if there is a "balanced" way to learn more). It was too easy - Love NPC portraits. More immersive. Negative: - You can still drop one or more atribbutes to 3 to skyrocket another ones always winning in the process. Horrible aspect that persist. - Skills (athetics, survical, etc) still needs a lot of work - Forget to single class. So boring... - Almost no choices while you level. You could autogive all the skills when lvl up and the experience would be 90% the same. - Multiclass system its souless and too raw (It could improve so it can change for good). - Miss endurance, new wound system dosnt seems to work as intended. - 5 size party (I knew it but still cant accept it) - Combats are way too fast - Miss the option to see the health bars all the time (maybe I missed the option in the menu) - Racials are still unbalanced and in most casses some races would be chose because of lore/rol aspects Other: - Graphics from POE1 were more immersive for me (being a beta as it is propably would change). - Little apareance choices (again, its a beta, could change) - Maybe Im playing Tyranny 2.0? and not POE2?
  2. The highest temperature I cheched playing any game until now its 60ºC. When I run POE2 even when loadin it goes up to 80-90ºC and stays there all the time. Even in the starting menu.
  3. It feels unatractive and boring leveling up. Choices, builds make rpg games great for me and I miss heavily that in this beta. -Skills (survival, athetics, etc) need an improve to feel atractive and not so rol/fixate (a "little" of flexibility). -Talents tree its the most demoralizing thing I saw in a long time. Empty, Choiceless. Those are my main issues right now.
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