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  1. Yes it was odd. But so is the end of Darth Vader. The Star Wars universe grows with time passing so I guess that this results in many contradictions. If you think that the first Star Wars movie could have been the last if it wasn't that successful you can imagine that the fans are the true force behind the whole hype, not George Lucas or anyone. And that's why minor flaws don't really matter. It doesn't have to be perfect I guess they wanted to illustrate Annakin's way to the dark side by darker and darker deeds, but imho they went too far there. I don't think that a person that has been
  2. What I liked about the KotOR games was how they questioned the Jedi code and exposed its weakness. I mean they say fear is the path to the dark side, but then all their rules are based on fear, fear of the dark side. Revan and the Exile both know the dark side as well as the light side and they know that the truth lies somewhere inbetween. I understand it the way that the Jedi think that most of their apprentices are too weak to resist the dark side if they studied it, so they ban it. And that's their biggest mistake. It leads to strange customs like seperating children from their families jus
  3. Hm when I fought Visas and Handmaiden I wished I could have defeated them without hurting them. Would be cool if there was a way to win a fight without bloodshed, like disarming or exhausting the enemy. A sort of careful, pacifistic fighting style. This could result in influence gain or even a conversation with the 'enemy'. I find the idea funny that I could have dodged all their attacks until they give up. Of course combat fatigue/endurance would be more important then.
  4. Hello, I bought both games (Kotor I & II) only 2 month ago and played them both. Even though I liked them, they did (imho) not reach the level of games like Baldur's Gate or Planescape:Torment. Personally I blame the market because I think the pressure on companies like Obsidian is much too high. More than any other category, rpgs need alot of creativity, patience and love ... or in other words ... time. And time costs money. Both Kotor games had imho more potential than they showed. First thing I would change is the number of party members, even a party of 4 would be a great impro
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