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  1. I honestly think lucasarts is waiting to see what buiseness mass effect does and how it plays before it decides to do kotor 3 because lets be fair if it is even half as good as it looks mass effect is set to be the deffinative sci fi role playing game and as much as I love the kotor games (I've cleared them both countless times easily my favrite games) I just can't see how anyone is going to beat mass effect in this genre the only way kotor 3 would come out is if lucasarts licences the mass effect engine off bioware the likleyness of that happening is slim so unless mass effect tanks I think kotor 3 is gonna be a no show
  2. also bothan spy7 i guess you didn't see microsofts stage show at E3 this year they said mass effect is coming out in november this year 16th i think, go to gamespot and watch it there they also did a gameplay demo for the game there as well. The release date may be different in other countries but play.com UK has it scheduled for 16/11/07 as well, you can also pre order it now from them. I can sort of understand what your trying to say but what I think is more likely is LA waiting to see how Mass effect plays and how gamers take to it which i suspect they will, I personally can't wait to play ME if its anywere near as good as it looks it should be amazing. Then (and this is just my opinion,) I think LA will proberly License the ME engine and use it to create Kotor 3, It would certainly cut down the production time of Kotor 3 if LA don't Have to create the game engine Themselves. Keep An eye out For LA anouncements around X-mas and new year if they are going to make an Kotor 3 I suspect we should hear something concreate then possibly a release date set for X-mas 08 1st Q 09 LA anounced The Force Unleashed at the begining of this year so i suspect kotor 3 will proberly be there big anouncement next year. You have to remember that LA have been pretty busy this year working on FU as well as the guy at obsidian (forgot his name,) who wrote the cliff hanger ending and left us in this feverish anticipation god damm him would of been kept busy at obsidian as well. The one thing the star wars uninverse always has had is a nice clean ending to anything that is produced in its universe they will want to finish the Kotor story we just have to be patient they will make Kotor 3 cheers Tommo
  3. look i'm sure i've done this before so sorry if you heard me say this, there is no way you can play as revan or the exile in a new kotor. kotor is a RPG game, the idea of a roleplaying game is to create a character from scratch deciding how he looks,gender,race skills etc. Once you've done that you set off on your adventure discovering things about your charater gaining experience learning new skills, This is what role playing is all about. With both the revan and the exile you spent 40+ hours on both games doing just that, I don't about any of you but personally I've completed kotor I & II quite a few times so have done pretty much all i want do with both my characters from a roleplaying point of view. To bring them back into the next kotor as a pc in any kind of rpg form would not only be unrealistic ie: How could you feasibly explain why both of them have lost the powers again, and what is there knew to learn about them you know there history there is no secrets no hiden truth to uncover. Also just think how many people have played both kotor games each persons revan and exile are unique to them how they look, what class of jedi they are it would be impossible to bring them back and please everyone. I am a hardcore role player so i would be really disapointed if I didn't get to create a new character in the next kotor what I love about rpg games is creating a brand new charater that is unique to me and learning all bout him as I play through unlocking new skills,new powers discovering new truths. I don't mean to upset or offend any hardcore revan and exile fans but perhaps anyone who has really got there heart set on playing revan or the exile would be better off Petitioning lucasarts to create an action/adventure game set around those two characters IMO it is the only way you could realisticly play as either character again Thanks for your time Tommo
  4. hey good news i think maybe, i don't know how official this is so not gonna go down the " look look kotor 3 is deffinatly gonna happen" route but on the wikipedia obsidian enterainment page they say lucasarts has officially annouced that obsidian are gonna do the third and final part of the knights of the old republic trilogy set for a late half of 2008 release . wikipedia date this news release on the 25th of april 2007 i'm sending this message on the 2nd of may 2007 still nothing on either lucasarts or obsidian so don't know if this is deffinate fact but i would of thought wikipedia would be a fairly reputal source, but this along with alot of stories that are starting to surfice at the moment means theres something staring at that old lucasarts place. anyway here's the link cheers tommo http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Obsidian_Entertainment
  5. hey just spent 3 hours of a much needed day off work to peruse the interpest for any concreat info on a release of kotor 3 and have come to realise a few things There is way, way, way to much bollocks about kotor I think my eyes are about to bleed i've seen that much nonsense. Jim Ward and Peter Hirschman are secretly dark lords of the sith ploting the downfall of the kotor universe(you want to know who the true sith are? look no further then these two!). I really do think theres some fat american cigar smoking powermunger at lucasarts who controls the purse strings there you know the type of guy i'm talking about, the same type of person who canceled futurama and family guy because it wasn't "The Simpsons". Some unimagintive git sat there chewing a cigar saying " What another Knights of the old republic game No NO what we need to do is make another game tied to a film What about the indy jones guy with the whip make a game about Him that will make some money". Who The **** cares about indiana Jones I don't know anyone who has gone out there way to watch any of those films in the last 15 years my sister bought my nephew the box set as a gift its still in the wrapper he's never watched them I bouhgt him two lightsabres thats all he plays with what does that tell you lucasarts huh? Finally all those ****ers who post bogus rumours about kotor 3 are an insult to the human gene pool and should be wiped out from our existence or at the very least be made sterile they truely are a waste of oxygen they honest to god make me so sick i might hurt myself Scumbags the lot of them. Tommo P.s Sorry about this rant and the bad language, Kids swearing is not big and its not clever i'm just a bit miffed i've wasted another 3 hours of my life and I've got nothing to show for it god dam you lucasarts :angry:
  6. I'm writing this as a plea to anyone out there in the kotor community, architect already got in touch with the people at obsidian if there is anyone anywhere that can contact someone at lucasarts please do it now. I live in a hole of a town in the north of the Uk so I'm pretty much shut off from the gaming industry, but there must be somebody out there that can contact lucasarts someway somehow. so if there is someone that can do this please for the sake of every kotor fan find out if they plan to make a new kotor game i don't care about release dates or anything like that all i want is a simple yes or no, i am sure there is a lot of kotor fans who think the same as me, and even if it is a no at least we will all know were we stand, this indecision is frustrating the hell out of me as I'm sure it is a lot of other people. If we at least make the top dogs at lucasarts a where of the huge international fan base kotor games has and how much we would like another kotor game it would at least make them consider it. Forever the optimist Cheers tommo
  7. one thing i really hope they do if/when (delete as appropiate) they bring out kotor 3 is if your character does fall to the darkside it has alot more Consequences then a shady face and evil eyes. I really do want my characters fall to have a more corrupted feel and have a greater impact on your releationships with the other party members. also i would like more choice on the type of jedi you can be then the three standered choice of gaurdien,sential and consular and also have a more varied choice when gaining prestige class there are so many different types of jedi you could be. Cheers tommo
  8. hey if architect can get at the guy at obsidian and get some answers maybe we (and i mean we the kotor comunity of which there are a lot of us) should start trying to get at this ward guy at lucas arts cause i really do think its about time we got some answers on the kotor project this is the guy we need to get at, and if enough of us get at him maybe something will happen just a though but i do think action is needed to ensure the future of kotor. Cheers tommo
  9. Look i can't stress this enough if there even is a new kotor there is no way you will be able to play reven or the exile. kotor is an rpg game the point of an rpg game is to start of with a pleb you know nothing about, along the way as you play more you become more powerfull and learn more about your character THATS THE FUN OF THE RPG GENRE OF GAMES!!!! I don't know about you lot but by the time i cleared the last two games my reven and exile were about as hard as they were going to get (reven level 20 The exile level 56!!). The only way you can realisticly start a game as either exile or reven is if the game is an action adventure game like revenge of the sith, and that game sucked balls big time. Everyone loved reven and the exile thats why the 2 kotor games are so popular thats why forums like this exist. But for me one of the most fun parts of kotor was in the creation of my character taking the time to decide what he would be like, what type of jedi i wanted him to be, light or darkside. Then setting of on an epic adventure discovering my characters story, spending the first twentys hours just trying to survive. This was what made kotor so engrossing, to play as either reven or the exile would take this away from the game and with it IMO the most important part of what makes kotor such a great and popular game. I hope this explains a bit better why in my brief plot idea a couple of post ago i killed off reven and the exile. To take them out of the equasion straight away i think would help who ever is going to develop the game immensely and besides in kotor 2 you didn't get to play as reven and it didn't effect the storyline of games at all. If anything IMO the exile was a far more developed character then reven so lets give the developers of the new kotor game a chance to create another new and unique charactor that i'm sure we will all love as much as we love reven and the exile. Cheers everyone Tommo
  10. hey long long long time since i last posted but i have some new thoughts first i would like the new game to be more than just jedi vs sith civil war type situation we've seen in the first two games, lets face it after two wars with the sith the republic is in a mess and even if the new game is set 2 or 15 years after kotor II that is not enough time to build a substantial jedi order and certainly not enough to act as guardiens for the republic so they are vulnerble. so my brief idea for a plot outline is this Reven and the exile are dead, killed trying to fight the true sith, there actions in going into the unknow regins although noble alerted the true sith that the jedi are aware of there exsitance and so they are now making a move against the republic. But instead of making a full out assault on the republic they are using old remnats of the sith, powerful warlords and other such organisations to try to disable and disrupt the republic (after all why dirty your own hands when you can get others to dirty themselves for you!). You play a young padowon in the new jedi order struggling to hold the republic together under the pressure of constant attacks , on a mission in the outer rim you and your master discover information regarding reven, the exile and the true sith. (although for my storyline i wanted it know to u that reven and the exile are dead the characters in the game would notknow .) Eager to find what out happened to the two jedi and find out what threat the true sith pose the jedi council lead by bastilla send you two to discover what you can. Along the way you could find out more and more about what happened to reven and the exile through information gathering and holowons left by the two jedi to help prepare other jedis against the true sith. These holowons could also contain unique powers, force forms and important infomation on infrostructor set up by reven needed to fight the true sith. You could also discover that the true sith are the puppet masters behind the attacks on the republic, and in order to get at the true sith you must first confront and destroy these pawns. I know this is a bit basic (I'm no bill shakespear!) but i think an idea along these lines would be good for the game. Its important that you play as a new character the beauty of rpg games is starting the game as a pleb and struggling and fighting your way to the top its the fun of the game. I killed off reven and the exile because i really do think it would be more intresting to the stoy arc if these two charcaters are dead, plus every body has there own interpretations of these characters so by removing them from the equasion it would help with the continuity of the story. There would be plenty of scope for your character to fall to the darkside, all the evil and all the power you would come up against would be enough to distort and temp the purest of hearts. You can include any number of characters from the previous games good or evil and they can have positive and negative effects on the game as well. I really do want this fight to be against more than dark jedi there are so many dark and evil regimes in the sw universe it would be intresting to fight against them. As well this would allow you to use alot more of your force powers and they could have greater effects as well. With this you could also make the dark jedi you come up against far more powerfull, in the EU novels and comics and the films the sith are way more powerfull and sinister then they have been in the previous kotor games. I would also like to see some of the sith subclasses in the pen and paper rpg game dark witches, inquisitors etc. I also hope that the alien races play more pivitol roles than just beggers and common thugs. In the first two games most of the jedi masters are human (apart from the yoda clone and one other.) all the important npcs are human. yet in the novels and films some very important jedi and other great charactors are non human . I know I've gone on a bit and for that i apologise but there were a few things i wanted to get across but if anyone bothers to read it i welcome any and all criticism Cheers Tommo. <_<
  11. i'm getting frustrated with all these rumours and speculation about a comfirmation of the release date of kotor for about a year now i've read posts like the one a few post back(by the way did anyone see the one in a official xbox magazine? they had a pull out of secret and confidential game projects, and it reckoned obsidian was making it for xbox 360 and ps3 one or both of them are lying). I whish lucasarts or whoever the developers are would just tell us weather they are making it or not, i don't want loads of details just a definate yes and a estimated release date. It would stop these bogus reports and give us fans something to look forward too. Cheers P.S theres an online petition to get kotor 3 made can't remember were it is i know its not hard to find.
  12. also can anyone tell me which comics the unknown regions and this true sith empire are in? or are they something obsidian made up? i've read about naga sadow and exar kun but nothing bout this true sith empire. Cheers
  13. I Think its more important that the planets you visit feel more like a planet on this game then last two games. The fact you could visit the one area on each planet got a bit clostraphobic. It might be better to have fewer planets say 3 or 4, but have alot more things to do on each planet and more areas to visit. Also it might good to have some of the more important or intresting quest needing you to travel to 2 or 3 of the planets, instead of just landing on a planet clearing all the quest then leaving. I think this would make for more fun then 10 planets with very little to do. Cheers P.S I think the kotor games should stay well clear of the vader saga planets, maybe not coruscant but tatoonie and duntooine( i can't spell sorry) have been done it might be more intresting to see some planets that we have read in the EU comics but not seen before on film and game.
  14. i definatly think you should play anew jedi what was good about kotor 2 was playing a new character the exile. The exile was a intresting character and I just think with a new character it helps give the game a fresh feel. Even though alot of aspects of kotor 2 was the same as 1 you wanted to do it again. With a new Pc as well you could find out what happened to revan and the exile through interaction with other Npc's like in kotor 2 Cheers
  15. I'm just more intrested that there be more of a difference between between playing the game Ls and Ds. There is no repercusions for chosing the darkside i just want the third game to be more about that then anything else. I know most people want to see revan and the exile come back and things like that but i'm more intrested in them getting the gameplay and things like that right The story line for the third game will take care of its self there is no way they wont finish of the the story, i just want the gameplay to compliment the excellent story as well. cheers
  16. cheers for that terranova, i think your right about the lightsaber abillitys, but maybe the lightsaber forms introduced in kotor 2 could be more alignment specific in 3. Say darkside forms would be more aggressive and direct and focus more on power, were as lightsiders would focus more on finness and technique . I think your right about falling to the darkside as well it should be far more gradual and less defined you could be doing things that you think are right or good (like annakin trying to save padme) but actually your gaining attachments to things and that leads to the darkeside.(allthough employing this in a game could prove difficult). Still just going around maiming people just to go darkside did get tiresome in the first two games, plus the hay presto your jedi way you trained people in kotor 2 was almost as bad as the B movie noooooooo! that vader screams at the end of EP3 (worst acting ever!) Both were cheesey and wrong Mind you I'm a big fan of final fantasy 7 (which took well over 100 hours to clear first time), i wouldn't mind if kotor 3 was that long nothing wrong with a multidisc game anyway i digress Cheers for the imput i appriciate it P.S maybe the reason its taking so long to bring out kotor 3 is because they are trying to address ideas and topics like this. I'm sure the guys at obsidian and lucasarts who created kotor are just as smart if not smarter then us they must of thought of these things. cheers.
  17. Hi again i would really like to get some feedback from the people that have posted on these threads i like what alot of you say and would appriciate peoples thoughts on my post and don't know maybee someone has allready mentioned this idea before i have not read all the post cheers
  18. hey, long time reader first time poster just wanted to make a point on the gameplay of future kotor game(s). One of the things that annoyed me most about kotor 1&2 is that LS or DS it didn't change what acess to force powers you had. Yes DS powers cost more if your LS but by the time you got up a few levels and got some stat enhancements you had more than enough force points to cover the costs. So LS DS you allways got force storm because it deals alot more death than battle meditation, In the films how often did you see yoda or obi use force lightning? never because it is a inherant Ds ability. I just think in the new game chosing light or Dark should have far more implications on how you play the game then just weather you do evil things or not. How many people would play a lightside Pc if all The cool Ds powers were unnavailable to you like they should Be?, This is the true essance of the battle between being good or evil how much are you willing to sacrifice to gain Power? They could also create alot more cooler lightside powers to counteract the darkside powers for example a lightside Pc could gain the abillity to absorb force lighting through your lightsaber or hands like yoda and windu in EP3 It would also mean a lightsider would put more emphases on his/her skill with a lightsaber than a sith would (yoda is a far better swordsman than palpatine) this could be reflected by what options are available when you level up I just think something like this would add alot more to the gameplay then being able to a stick your hood up or down, or having a yellow pokeadot lightsaber or whatever colour is in fashion Beside what i think is more important to the game is what luke ask yoda " Is the darkside stronger? " Finding that out in a game would be alot of fun. Cheers (insert appropiate slurs Here)
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