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  1. what about having diffrent races like human rodain mandalorion twilek wookie zabrak
  2. mabye they should have kreia as a villan she cheated death like sidous that would be cool anfd she be the queen of the true sith
  3. Clone Wars Rts where can build jedi and clones or b1 battle driods and drodika
  4. I rarely (almost never) used GOTO...another annoying little b***ard. I have more fun playing T3. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> K1 there was nothing bad K2 the ending was terrible and i hate the big droid thing <{POST_SNAPBACK}> it wasnt and ending but more of a begining to find revan and the true sith
  5. i cant think of any thing but there should be these items and changes light whip light spear mandlorion neo crusader armor changes you should be able to mount and ride cetarin creatures like ronto dew back bantha cooler force powers more mandalorins
  6. part 4 you are on your way to kayshkky to find the piece of the map when you land you are greeted by two fimalir faces misson and big z they give you a warm welcome zallabaar is now cheif of the wookies and you ask him about the map and zallaabar tells you where it is after you find the map you leave for the village but you are confrotend by 3 dark jedi after you search their remans the two will 3 light sabers but the 3 one will have a light whip to be contuied
  7. part 3 well you just left korriban and the the next planet you go to is tattooine and you dock at mos eisely there are a few shops like motas droid shop and markm laurps wepoans and when you dock you find an old man yet there is some odd about him you speak to him and he revils he was a jedi knight and his name is Ben onasi the father of carth onasi he was exlied from the order 40 years ago because he had children carth hearing this dindt know so you a bit and ben sends to do some missons which are find the missing jawas and help the miners defeat the sand people after that he joins party and
  8. Seems good up to now... After that u explore and do quests on Corellia... u eventually find a mysterious dark jedi spying on you... you then continue to Dantooine... to be continued... P.S. I would prefer to have a new character. A new Jedi Knight. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> mabye some sort of padawan and get to chose your own race like tw lek or wookie or even mandalorion and mabye zarbrak you should play the exlie and you mst korriban where the sith have reesabstiled the acdmey and the head is a dark jedi named melom karris and youi fight him to gain revans freedom for revan
  9. well heres how the story you are the exlie you just escaped the destricon of malachor V and with ebon hawk badly damaged again you only have one place you can go to corsanct when you land you will land in the jedi temple and workers there repair it and while you wait you find carth onasni greets you and helps you find basstilla in the mean time you meet to jedi who want to help one is a kaleesh and the other human and they help find basstila while your there you do quests and stuff and the ebon hawk is repaired and a man tells you bastilla is on the planet of correlia and when you find he
  10. well said and an answer to your question it felt like a begining to me becasue he going to set out to find revan and true sith but you have vist these planets mustafar and corsanct
  11. mabye just 15 but you have to bring back atton carth and basstllia and hk and t3 those are defanit bring backs and also canderous
  12. mabye but you should have 20 member in your party instead of 10 and here are the planets you should be able to visit Corasaunct correllia datooine korriban mandlore dxun onderon exar kuns temple kattar and finally mustafar
  13. why not being able to chose your own race like wookie twelk rodain mandalorion kalee and here are the party members you should have:hk and t3 atton carth onasi basstila exile and revan and mandalore and brinna if male or mical if female and bao dur and visas and possbliy 3 jedi and mira and zallaabar and misson
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