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  1. I actually didn't take the holding Hand thing as a flirty thing. More like back in poe1 with Aloth, a 'It is okay, I am here' thing... especially with Tekehu feeling really... young- More like holding a kids hand through a scary experience.
  2. I think the ending is quite an upgrade to DA2. At least you get to push history into some direction... (Also I as well am a fan of the 'i can't fix everything' kinda stories). Also I love the way you can just go 'fu** u' and go to Ukaizo by yourself. Would have loved something like that for the first game. Even if it would be harder to achieve than simply asking a god for help. And an open 'to be continued end' is fine, too, as long as they do not pull an MassEffect Andromeda and cancel anything that could follow up. And also, I want them to do something with the part-of-your-soul-seperated
  3. Dammit, now I can't unhear "Part Of Your World" in his voice/accent... I've been picturing this sort of thing in my head since I pulled him out of the water: I'd make a fanart if my art skills weren't atrophied to nothing, lol This seems like a nice first post in this forum for me-
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