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  1. i remember yoda telling luke to stay on dagobah. " but i do see your point about the flaws of the jedi code playing a big part in the series, and even though the effects of the mandalorian and jedi civil wars would have a long lasting effect on the galaxy (economy etc), i doubt the jedi will change their ways too much. the practise of separating children families remains a jedi custom another 4000 years or so after these games are set.
  2. okay so anyone who wants to read it, here's my idea/hopes for the next kotor game. i watched that video and though its pretty sweet, i dont think we'll be using the force to take any TIE fighters down in k3. that said, i would definately like to see a conclusion to the revan/exile/true sith arc, as opposed to just expanding on it to build up to the next game in the series. i want it epic! so obviously you'll have to start as a new character or this wouldnt be a RPG, and with the traditional "non-jedi" planet at the start. so how about starting off working for the hutts as the best boun
  3. obsidian and bioware working together for K3? that'd be sweet. i loved the story in the original but the second had way more and improved force powers. i'm not so keen on the thought of a whole load of revan and exile "name-dropping" like in k2 though. there was a lot of that last time and i think it undermines what you're trying to do in the game. i just hope (if k3 ever happens, and with all of our expectations to live up to it probably won't) that at the end of the game im not left wondering what the point was like last time. also, just a thought here, if your PC starts as a padawan y
  4. The ideas of going to alderaan and beyond the outer rim are pretty cool. but the story has to include revan in a big way or it'll just be irrelevant like much of KOTOR 2. but seeing as the basis of the series so far is to begin with a new character and revan having amnesia again would be weak. so you should play as a padawan who has a great destiny or something, then revan can be your new master after the death of your original master from the start of the game. this would require a canon version of revan though, which im informed is male LS. which would mean the great Jolee Bindo could r
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