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  1. Hopefully the old system is still up for consideration, and just wasn't present in the pre-alpha build shown of at E3 because mechanics such as this usually are implemented in their final iteration towards the end of development(?).
  2. No. The health / endurance split was one of the best aspects of PoE's mechanics and added a lot of strategic depth to encounters. PoE's battledidn't last long enough for the endurance system to even matter. Yeah, right: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pncy7q5ABEE
  3. Don't forget that nothing's set in stone yet. Considering that both Josh Sawyer and Bobby Null have confirmed their preference for how health and endurance were implemented in POE we might just end up with the same system in Deadfire. Why would they change it anyway? It's working as intended. At least that's how I see it.
  4. The poll suggestions for the name aren't doing it for me, so my vote goes to the "Heaving Harlot".
  5. Now if one could still get a shot at the higher limited tiers by then as well... Extending the funding process by a couple of days or weeks post-campaign would be even better. More time = more stretch goals getting checked off = more content.
  6. I don't see the issue(s) with POE's health/stamina mechanic either. There are always characters that bruise more easily, whether for the role they occupy in the party (the "tank") or because they're just squishier (the "glass cannon") than others. Figuring out how to keep them alive or more importantly, keep them conscious during combat is half the challenge and half the fun. Do I use one of the few precious charges of Consecrated Ground or Watchful Presence which would also benefit the rest of the party but could be of better use later on or do I concentrate on keeping the squishy party member on his/her feet with Lay on Hands or Second Wind? For restoring long-term health there's always Field Triage or Wound Binding you can use on single characters instead of "wasting" resting supplies. Which I found were available or could be looted fairly regularly and in just the right amount on pretty much every map, even on Path of the Damned. At times they were even a bit too abundant for my taste. So... I too would rather they stick with the established split mechanic from POE than wasting time and resources on improving or overhauling something that probably just needs a bit more fine-tuning instead. And maybe another attempt at communicating how it works, if there are really people that still "don't get it" nearly two years later.
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