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  1. Ammunition for ranged weapons. - Just for special ammo, normal ammo should be ilimited Weight carry capacity on per-party member basis. - no, I like the POE system with the endless stash The ability to add map notes when in the area map. - that is a good idea The ability to split the party between non-party-required areas (there was a technical limitation to that) with some party members being in one area and others continuing alone in another. Even better if certain quests require that. - not for or against this one Separating stealth from trap-detecting mode. - YES! Modding Too
  2. You know I can't believe I created an account just so I could give my two cent on this topic I'm all for romance but I want them to feel natural and not forced in like some of the romance option in ME3 ended up and kind of ruined certain characters for me. When my PC reject a love interest normally that said ex love interest just ignore it and go on in your party like nothing happen, That always annoy me to no end. But much as I HATE Bishop, atleast when your character reject him it feels like it had some weight, that is what i want out Romance in video games. People like to mention B
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