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  1. I was SO disappointed when I opened the game to discover in settings I couldn't select 3840x1600. Absolutely floored. This is ridiculous. This is an UE4 game. How could you miss something like this? Why would you restrict it?
  2. I have a 4K display, and when I have my desktop at 4K (3840x2160) and run the game, it won't actually run at anything more than 1080p (1920x1080) unless I turn off DPI scaling for the executable. I hated the way it limited how close I could zoom in once I was at that resolution, so I opted for 2K (2560x1440), but then I ran into a separate problem. If I changed my desktop resolution to anything less than 4K and tried to run the game, it crashed with no report. Then I tried to switch back and launch at 4K, and it crashed with no report again. I spent a while before figuring out tha
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