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  1. I had the same problem with the lock up issue, but I have a solution. I put the Harpy monk into my inventory by accident. I played a new game and found that I drew it as a card. I think Forfeited the game and clicked on view all cards instead of viewing them by type. I then removed it from my inventory like I would any unwanted card and hit next.
  2. I had a similar lock up problem, it would not let my other character roll to avoid being moved. So I forfited to get out of the lock and now the Harpy monk is in my inventory!!!! I could remove it by going to the view all cards option upon leaving a mission the dragging it down. But super odd
  3. It seems to only have an issue when Lini is playing the spell Swipe as I haven't had a problem with any other spell. It constantly fails to add the bonus.
  4. Advanced Ritual Training does not seem to apply the bonus to the divine check when playing a spell. It does apply the bonus when recharging it.
  5. Omg, thankyou so much for fixing the drop rates. I was getting so frustrated after many many treasure chests of getting constant repeats of some cards and none of others.
  6. Ok so I can see the Ally Pathfinder Chronicler. But I can't seem to find the hawk spell that was part of this bundle. Anyone else having this problem?
  7. I second that, the pricing structure is insane.... The whole game for $35 sure. 50 treasure chests for $25 ok.... But 1 character or one pair of dice for $10!!!!! (Price in AUD). But I am happy to see the weekly challanges, hopefully we see some nice cards as bonuses appearing weekly.
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