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  1. ok. Thank you. That now makes alot more sense as to the nature of the scenario structure.
  2. yes, clearly level 7 was a bit on the low/undoable side. but that was me having gotten it in act 2, wanting to finish it in act 2. And I'm sorry, but wasn't that last statement a bit on the douchey side? unless the battle for caed nua was added in after the expansions were released, then why would i expect that balancing it would depend on allies from an expansion set that clearly is not owned to make it reasonable? From everything I have read about it, I am disappointed with the nature of the encounter and how it was constructed. who said anything about having an easy battle? I m
  3. ok. soo.. let's say that you didn't get the expansion. and that means 10k gone and only one allied side. kinda unwieldy fight, no? I can't get to twin elms because of the water.. (still act 2), and what of the party members that are just hanging out in the keep? was expecting to see them on the battlefield. other than the dissappointment that the 10k got ( yes, shows up in morale text, but... really? that's it?) I guess I was expecting alot more troops. and was dissappointed that even though I sent the dozens after the battlemages, mages still showed up on the battlefield. needless to say
  4. Meanwhile the structure and ideology of the Leaden Key reminds me somewhat of the Tres in Umberto Eco's Foucault's Pendulum, which is itself a satirical representation of a hermetic society. It seems more to share the qualities these usually have: the idea of guarding great otherwordly truths and secrets even from themselves, being these secrets that should not be revealed to the world lest they put it in danger, or put the secrets themselves at risk of being corrupted and distorted through misinterpretation and misapplication instead and so on. Great book. But wasn't the TRES a creat
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