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  1. Im in the same boat, i still try to debug this ****, at first i gave up on poe 1 I said to myself i will play the second game when it come out and Obsidian will absolutly have fix this bug , they upgraded to unity 5 and i was sure it was not gonna happen in poe 2 I WAS SOOOO WRONG and the thing is that its not the unity engine i play wasteland 2 and shadowrun dragonfall they both use unity and i have zero stutter at all i have yet to try battletech. and torm51 i am surprise that you were able to talk to someone in a private message about this issue ive never seen any acknowledge or awnser from obsidian about this issue. Im not surprise that the guy told you they got this too, im sure everybody get it at different strenght. I have tested this on 3 pcs and they all do it. we need to find a way to fix that, those game will be classic game like baldur agte and i want to play it wihtout suffering stutter every 30 second, when i play i just see that i anticipate the stutters and i cant focus it ruined the game. I still cant believe that they didnt fix it in poe 2 . I will keep searching I dont know if i find new info of way to understand why we got this i will post it here but it would be great to have someone at obsidian looking into that and find the cause
  2. Hello PillarsStutterSufferer. I have the exact same problem, periodic stutter every 30 sec or so . Ive got this problem since release , day one. Like you did , i tried many many things without succes (everything that you listed i did too) . I made post about it , read online, a lot ppl actually suffer from this too, ive watched lets play on youtube and i can see stutter too. I tested the game on 3 different pc , my desktop, gaming laptop and my brother's desktop with the exact same stutter on 3 different computer with different hardware and os. After extensive testing I was able to find out that its related to your framerate and the amount of character you have in your party If i play at 144 fps i will get stutter every 25 secs (i dont remember the exact number but its close to that) If i play at 45 fps it get stutter every minute. The frame time get a huge spike like 255 ms between 2 frame that cause the stutter. when you remove one compagnon from your party , you gain about 25 seconds each time, so if you do a solo playthrough you will get periodic stutter around every 2mim if you play at 45 fps . This will never be adressed, i get this with deadfire too, but the frametime spike happen every 3 min or 6 min so its more playable but still annoying. The only way to fix this bug is on the programmer side. Its probably garbage colllection issue that cause the frame time spiking this way and the fact that it happen more often with high framerate is a proof of that. (sry my english is not so good)
  3. Man this sound good, i really hope someone could look at this issue soon. Its been like this since forever.
  4. How can i fix the stuttering periodic lag on POE

  5. Im in the same position as Astrocat, Ive been waiting since release to play because of to much bugs. But im sad to say that the most annoying bug of all is still there Look at this thread https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/90253-stutters-every-30-frame-time-spikes-every-30-seconds/ the game stutter at a perodic time each 40 sec or so even when your on pause and dont move. can you guys tell me if you are experiencing this bug and if you play on windows 8.1, it would be nice Im trying to find a solution to play this wonderful game without this irritating bug that ruin the game experience. (excuse my english not my main language )
  6. I forgot to mentioned that the game do the same periodic stutter on pause, you can monitor it easily you dont even need to move , start the game , pause the game right away look at the the framerate dropping every 30 sec or so
  7. I have the exact same Issue on both my pc and laptop (pc: i5 4690 r9 280 laptop: 17 gtx 660m both on window 8.1 ) This is REALLLY annoying and i have difficulty to keep going cause I expect the stutter everytime and it really kills the immersion. This is really easy to see with msi afterburn monitoring tool, look at this https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2WfCW7P78OkaXpheHpNV25tTkE you can see a drop in fps at a regular interval, the fps drop to 54 fps during 1 frame and go back up to 60 every 38 seconds. Like the user Nub i have tried every possible solution i can think of wihtout any change in behavior. I really hope a developper can tell me a way to fix that , im really curious to know what cause this and i would be really happy to experience this wonderful game without this irritating problem. Hey Tero, FusionMegax, are you guys on windows 8.1 ?
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