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  1. Thank you Aarik. That worked and everything else is working as well. It's greatly appreciated.
  2. Hello Aarik, I still have the Kyra bug in quest mode. I cannot choose forfeit before or after the heal/continue choice. FYI I'm running on an iPad mini with the patch installed. Is there another way to restart the quest mode? I don't mind restarting or forfeiting the current quest. I would like to keep my experienced chars however. Thanks
  3. I have the same situation happening with Kyra. I have an iPad mini, so it's not tablet specific I think. The difference with mine is that it happened in Quest mode and not Story mode. Every time I click on Quest, it loads to the same spot where it locks up after you choose continue or heal after defeating an undead creature. I reported it in the following topic as well. There were suggestions on how to get around the bug in Story mode, but I can't seem to find a workaround for the Quest mode version of the bug. Link to previous topic. It may help some with the issue that happened in Story Mode: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/89717-party-stuck/ Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks!
  4. I have a similar problem, but it's happening in Quest not Story. Kyra fought Faceless Stalker henchman and the scenario made me fight an Ancient Skeleton next. Her power to Heal when defeating an undead monster popped up and I have the Continue and Heal options like everyone else is reporting. But whichever option I pick, the game just locks up. I can't bring up the menu to forfeit even, and closing the game, and relogging in and restarting Quest brings me right back to the same options. The Ancient Skeleton is on top of the location deck and the Continue\Heal menu is up, and no matter what I choose, the game stops. I play on iPad Mini, but I don't know if that matters. Is there a way to rest the Quest adventure I'm running? I don't seem to see this as an option in the menus. I don't mind losing the adventure, I would prefer not lose my experienced characters however. Anyone have any suggestions? This appears to be a nasty bug that is affecting several users. I've seen some minor bugs before, but restarting the Quest has always fixed my issues in the past.
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