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  1. Hammer 4 did the trick! I am up and running with a brand new quest. Also I did't lost my experienced adventurers. Thank you very much! On a side note, I will keep the hammers in mind. I always tried 3 prior 2 and didn't knew about 1 at all! It is a handy quick trick.
  2. I can drag the thieves tools but then I can't interact with the game at all, nor interact with the vault and settings buttons.
  3. I had this issue at first, so I dragged the cards from the list into my hand and it worked. I might try it. My issue is when I have to select a card from my hand into the discard pile. I can't even display the cards...
  4. Bug: Playing on Quest Mode, the game stops responding to player's input. Resetting the game returns to the situation that triggers the bug. I can't enter the options, nor chose another action other than the one that triggers the bug. When: Prompted to chose a card from discard to replace a card in my hand, after selecting a card. Where: Apothecary Who: Merisiel Card or event: Don't know PFID: 509CC6C87B4AAC5 Pass&Play: No Mode: Quest Difficulty: Normal Party: Mirisiel and Kyra SO: Android 5.1 Device: Asus Go (Asus_Z00VD) I don't know wich card triggered the event, but once triggered, I can't play Quest Mode anymore 'cause the Quest button starts from where the game breaks. Link to screenshoot
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