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  1. Hi guys before I play again I would like to know if the following bugs have been dealt with: [ I'm on 3.03, last version I completed game was 1.02 ] 1. Gafol and Nyry still visits my stronghold occasionally even though they have been hanged 2. Bleak Walker hireling doesn't talk and doesn't join in defending stronghold against attacks or in slaughtering Gathbin's army. 3. Companions repeatedly saying their lines in Caed Nua exterior: Example, if Eder is in my party he will say "I feel sorry to whoever has to clean up this place," meaning if he's the only speaking member in my group, he says it every time I load the area. 4. Voices constantly interrupted in battles [ This was not an issue in 1.02 as far as I know ] 5. Not sure if bug but why do I get reputation penalties in First Fires when I kill those pesky rioters? Doesn't make sense. 6. Not a bug but why can a companion butt in a conversation when they are at the FAR END OF THE MAP? Shouldn't be possible unless they all have superhuman hearing, please confirm!
  2. Apologies in advance if these have been brought up before. 1. I'm okay with Romances as it adds more depth to the character your are role playing as long as its just a *little bit* deeper than Skyrim's but not full of unnecessary drama and sex like Dragon Age's. 2. I wish there will no longer be scripted events like the ones in "Ready the Cannons" quest when the game intentionally made your party feel vulnerable when in reality their opponents, the Skuldraks, wouldn't be able to scratch anyone in your party. 3. More hair options with more emphasis on short hairs for males and mid-length to long- for females. In POE1, I thought that best male hair was the bald one.
  3. 1. I'll have to go with Eder's quest because it made me root for a companion for the first time and the temporary scar it left after I finished the quest. I literally took a day off from the game after that... Good thing he had something to say to me days later. So it's all good! 2. Zahua's should really be first but eh. :D 4. While Pallegina's quest was short, it was the only quest that made an impact outside of the companion in question. 6. Devil of Caroc's and Sagani's 7. Kana's 8. I thought Aloth's quest was the quickest. Like 1 or 2 minutes and it's done. 9. I can't do Grieving Mother or Durance's quests because it requires me to use campfires, which I don't use, and will use only to see if someone will wake me up with a bucket of cold water! 11. I don't use Hiravias and I don't recruit Maneha.
  4. I voted "Other" for my favorite: Paladin [bleak Walkers]. My main reason for picking Paladin is because I always pick Paladin, or its alternative, by default in every game I play. Secondary reason would be I like being [Aggressive] and unyielding -- something everyone should watch out for just by being there, but the [Cruel] bit... heh! I convince myself that even though I'm a Bleak Walker, I'm STILL a Paladin, thus I have an excuse for more points to honesty, stoic, rational, and some benevolence than cruelty. I voted "Party Makeup/Tactics" for my least-liked: Rogue. I simply can't find a purpose for a Rogue in my party setup. But then I also don't have any use for a Ranger...
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