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  1. he uses ifixbox i think. he said he can see the apps but the data is hidden but it used to show up. he thinks some update in iOS broke the software. I was thinking they might need it to figure out what happened? if not i guess I can try and uninstall and reinstall. Last night I tried to run quest mode to pass the time since my game was still stuck in that interminable loop. and it was also broken. As soon as you assign people out, the first player starts his turn on "end of turn" just like in my story mode, although no cards in discard. So i'm kind of stuck. not sure what to do. I thi
  2. i'm not very familiar with the back end of apple devices. If i access it like a drive, will the app/save folder be obvious? ETA: apparently my husband said he's not able to access the game files. the software he was using doesn't see it anymore so i'm back to how do i get the file out? i really want to go back to playing. I haven't tried anything so that the devs could look at it.
  3. additional information: When I exit to main menu, the continue button is active. So I press that and it takes me to the start of that same mission/difficulty and assigning people to locations except one location is already closed (??) I choose Lem's favorite card type of what is left in his hand (they are still missing cards but in the start mission screen) I dump everyone at a location (Deeper Dungeons coz its the top most location) and start it as if it were normal.. It starts with Ezran (he is first in the turn order) -- in the middle of a play?? He is at end of turn phase, h
  4. I think this whole thread was derailed from the start. OP was talking about using a whole new party (starting at level 1) and working that party through the regular/story mode. Whether its been played or not is irrelevant because to this party it is new. I also noticed the change and am equally dissatisfied with it. I completed the content available and was tinkering with party make-ups--trying different combinations that i would otherwise not try and playing them in the story mode. There is no reason to deny new parties the previously played reward, as all it does is deter people from replay
  5. I did the patch last night and was playing with no problems. I fell asleep mid-mission, which happens a lot since i play at bedtime and i'm an old fart LOL Party of 5; Ezran, Sajan, Lini, Lem, and Valeros Mission: Hook Mountain Massacre - The Fort in Peril Medium difficulty normally, I wake up and the mission is right where I left off. Sometimes I kill and restart the app, and it always picksup right where i left off. This morning however, I woke up to the start/end of a mission?? But I was in the restock page, and a significant number of cards were missing: 3 weapons (including Lem
  6. I'm having issues w not being able to roll the dice. It's especially bad playing Ezra. I try and grab the dice but nothing happens. The interface is fine everywhere else. I can click on my decks, etc but the dice won't move. I end up wildly swiping the screen which sometimes works. But often I kill the game and go back in. Not ideal when you're trying to recharge cards
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