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  1. You're absolutely right. I feel pretty foolish now. I followed the steps provided and it resolved the issue. Thank you for the quick reply.
  2. I bought the android version a year back and ended up spending a lot of legit cash on it. I also picked up a bunch of bonus chests during a humble bundle. When I found out I could transfer my progress to the steam version I lept and bought it. Well, it's all ♥♥♥♥ed. I opened up the steam game and did the account sync, but I'm having a few problems. If I log in on the steam account I have all of my old progress, my cards/unopened chests/dice/characters/etc. But I don't have any of the Steam DLC, including access to the alternate characters since I never had those on my phone. I also didn't get the 5k gold. So if I restart the game it'll load up without me being signed in. I don't have any of my progress but I *do* have all of the DLC stuff from the Ambassator program. I can make the alternate characters, I've got 5k gold, but the game is otherwise fresh. What did I do wrong? How do I fix this? And will I have to log into the servers every single time or is there a way for the game to remember it? Please help. I love this game, but this is awful. Relevant details: PC, Steam edition, NatureMage #4157 (not logged in), PFID - 6527F29C5FCB31DF (not logged in), NatureMage #5980 (logged in), PFID-E7360E256B15B493
  3. Yeah, best to avoid salvaging for now. Unless you're tired of getting the same stupid cards again and again.
  4. So, question for the room: I've been trying to determine how to find certain cards. I see that some of them are flagged as "elite," like the divine spell Holy Light. Is there anything special about getting these cards to drop? Or do they show up at the same rate as other cards?
  5. I think a party of four is the sweet spot. Simply, on one side of the scale (teams of 1) you've got a leisurely trek, closing one card per turn. The challenge here is that you don't have very many skills to help respond to threats. RNG is your biggest enemy. On the other side of the scale (teams of 6) you've got a wide variety of skills to help resolve threats. The challenge here is that you need to close between two and three cards per turn to be sure of victory. Recharging discarded allies & blessings becomes a serious problem. With a party of four you've got a reasonable group of skills and only need to go through one to two cards per turn. If you've got at least one healer you're usually fine.
  6. Not really. "Early next week" is certainly subjective, but only to a point. It doesn't translate to "the last possible moment of next week." It's their game, and they can release it whenever they like. I just wish they'd simply said "next week" so we weren't all foamy over when it was going to happen. My quest mode is currently broken until the update. So here I sit.
  7. Looking through the workaround, it seems that the only things they did were select different random rewards, which I've already tried (I've now tried every random card for the monk). No luck. When is the new patch supposed to drop? I find I enjoy Quest far more than the story mode, and I'd love to be able to play again.
  8. I've been playing Quest mode without much trouble for a while now. I've been playing with a party of mixed levels. After the most recent quest all six characters leveled up, requiring 3 rounds of levelup rewards. On the first I get a card. On the second I get to pick a card. And on the third, the problem appears. Four characters get a card, but regardless of which one I pick the card flies up above the screen and you can't proceed forward. I've changed the order in which I select the characters, doesn't matter. I've changed which card I get when I pick the card. I've even tried rebooting the device, leveling a few rounds in Story mode- nothing. Every time I go back into quest, it restarts the leveling process and gets stuck in the exact same way: the third round of leveling throws the card off screen and I can't proceed. I have put nearly fifty dollars into this game and I'm incredibly frustrated. Please help. Info: Android 5.1.1, Note 5 Pass & Play is off. Permadeath is off. Quest Mode Party (in this order): Fighter, Bard, Cleric, Druid, Sorcerer, Monk Levels: 8 to 9 (fighter, cleric, druid, sorcerer), 7 to 8 (monk), 4 to 6 (Bard) First, gain card for Bard (Blessing of the Gods). Second, select and gain card for Monk. Third, gain card for Fighter, Cleric, Druid, and Sorcerer. This is where the error occurs.
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