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  1. Well, i'm an f2p player also. But i think some of you are missing one important aspect of digital PACG: it's efficient advertising for all printed products - both card game and RPG. I bought entire RotR adventure path after playing digital version for several hours. So why should i pay for digital version also? And I think i'm not alone. Lot of folks will buy paper products after getting familliar with digital game.
  2. Android 4.4.2, Lenovo B8080-H Progress lost in Story mode after spontaneous device reboot. I was about to close the last location of Brigandoom adventure (boss fight, two cards recharge pahase) when my device rebooted and after that I'm unable to continue story mode with my party. Note that spontaneous reboots happen sometimes with my device and they are not related to PA game. Tried to clear app cache but that didn't help. Tapping 'Continue' on the main screen does nothing, restoring save from Story menu doesn't work.I can start new party and paly quest mode though.
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