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  1. Is there somewhere where we can see what issues are still open? Specifically, I want to know if I can play quest to level 30 and get the proper reward, and if I can have Meriesel use blessings on other character's dexterity checks without banishing them.
  2. So, I guess after the last patch, the devs removed the gold awards for beaten scenarios even when using fresh parties. The patch notes said that people were exploiting the rewards by farming the early scenarios with high-level well-geared parties, and I absolutely agree that something needed to be done about that. But this solution discourages players from re-playing the story using different party make-ups. Why would a player pay gold to unlock a new character if playing this character in a new group will prevent (or at least significantly delay) them from getting enough gold for the next character? I mean, in the time it takes me to win a single scenario on normal with my six character team I could just win Brigandoom three times on legendary with my main group that finished AD2 on heroic (and is halfway through legendary). My suggestion (which is probably more difficult to implement than I think, but I do believe it will be worth it) is to award the 100 gold to parties that only have gear from the current AD and feats up to the ones achievable by the current scenario.
  3. Yeah Tootzo, I guess that explains it. I think it's a mistake to disincentivize making new parties like this, but it's not really related to this thread. I'll start a new thread explaining my point of view in the general discussion forum.
  4. Some weapons raise the difficulty of tests by 4 when using them with characters that aren't proficient with weapons (and Kyra doesn't get her first power feat which she can use to get weapon proficiency until partway through burnt offerings). Did you check that the weapons you used weren't these types of weapons (most swords and bows have this penalty).
  5. I think this is a bad decision to be honest. This makes retrying the story with a different party much less appealing. I agree that we shouldn't get gold when bringing a high level party back to the prologue and farming the easy mode scenarios, but when starting a new party from scratch we should still get some gold.
  6. I'm playing on Android, version 5.1 Playing on a Sony Xperia phone (model E5306) I ran into a couple of problems: 1. In quest mode, over multiple sessions I reached level 9 with my party of four characters (Valeros, Merisiel, Ezren and Kyra). When starting my new session now and going to the experience characters screen, my Kyra seems to have been deleted (needless to say, I did not delete her myself). 2. I'm not sure if this one is a bug or is the intended behavior, but when I started a new story mode (with fresh versions of characters I used before) I no longer get the gold rewards for completing quests. Is it intended that once I get the gold reward for a certain difficulty level I will no longer be awarded gold for completing it with a new party? Thanks.
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