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  1. As far as I'm aware, no, Dash is needed. Unfortunately he hasn't been in contact for some time because of personal reasons, which of course take precedance. My understanding though is that no-one else can fill his shoes at the moment.


    i see...


    I recommend keeping your options open for new buildmaster.



    We're just peons; if the team want a new buildmaster that's really an internal affair for them. I don't think the betas get a say, really. Or if we do, it doesn't count. :ermm:


    In any case, I'm afraid there just isn't anyone able and willing to do it in the KotOR modding community... and getting someone in would, obviously, cause ructions and delays, etc... by the time they were settled in, Dash's RL issues could well be over. Or they could not. But either way it doesn't seem likely to cause that huge a difference in terms of time.

  2. My my... why would it be called a leaked BETA?


    Anyways, if you dislike the restored content and rather play the bastardised KOTOR2 no-one forces you to use a (pre-liminary) TSRLP. Just hit that cute uninstall button, and all your problems dissapear as by sunshine.


    Also, I find it somewhat fun you mention the XP gained from the HK-50's to be "like a cheat" then progress to complain how powergaming is limited. :)


    (PS. Doing the dockscenes early on isn't impossible, even if NS is your first planet. I've done it twice already. Just use the right technique :))

    Knights 2 is inferior without the cut content? Do others feel the same?


    Hold on. You're saying the material which was judged too crap to include is too crap?

    There's a supposition there.

  3. We from the codex will start working on the leaked beta and finish this sooner than TG,

    I doubt you could organise yourselves without falling into your idiosyncratic flame-fests.


    not to mention take all the credit.

    Lawl, the mod is permanently attached in the public consciousness to TG. Even assuming you (miraculously) got your acts together and did it, your attempts to claim credit would fail.

    We've waited long enough.

    I love the almost tangible sense of deserving here. Like they owe you for, um, buckling down and doing it before you.

  4. I can understand that. I move on to other games rather quickly myself. I had stopped playing TSL after a couple of playthroughs (which is a lot for my standards) when I first bought it, and except from one lonely playthrough later on, never really got into it anymore. But TSLRP is worth a reinstall, in my opinion.

    Agreed. The changes are excellent, and make replaying well worth it.

  5. Meh. Ambitious Mod makers will never hold back to create something good, no matter how "complicated" the tools are. Heck, look at the Thief FMs. Most crappiest Leveleditor I've ever seen, but people still continue to make great FMs with it. Waiting for rendering MegaTextures? So what, good excuse to get some sleep.

    And some games don't even have one...


    @Nightshape: Neither was KotOR modding at the start. Things change, tools are developed by the community... mods happen. Maybe someone will create a system to extract only part of a texture at a time, or something. In any case, that kind of texture size is probably going to cause problems just being used in a game...

  6. Since I've been around since very shortly after the beginning of this mod in 2005, and watching it since (not to mention being on the closed beta), perhaps I might shed some light on this?


    1. The team does not, and never has, sought publicity beyond the couple of WIP threads (here and at LF), and their site. Which is fair enough - most mods follow this kind of procedure. A beta-tester, Wildstorm, made the videos on YouTube, as teasers. Again, nothing out-of-the-ordinary there. From the start, the team has concentrated on making the mod and had little interest in publicity. Aside from those cited bits of publicity, everything else has come to them - they haven't sought it out. So no, attention is not what this mod is about - or the bugfixing.


    2. The mod is still being worked upon, and bugs are still being found and fixed. With each progressive build, the number of bugs decreases.


    3. This mod follows the 'cathedral' method of programming, not the 'bazaar'. Switching between the two at this late stage would be foolish.


    4. Contrary to popular opinion, Team Gizka owes you nothing, and would be well within their rights to destroy the whole mod tomorrow. Insane, but within their rights...


    5. If you've waited this long, you can wait a little longer. Calm down, pull yourself up a log, browse KotORFiles for some other mods to toy with in the meantime, and try not to drive yourself crazy. :thumbsup:

  7. Hmm, let's see...


    KotOR & TSL, Dungeon Siege II, Freelancer, Age of Mythology/The Titans, Sins of a Solar Empire, DEFCON, Age of Empires I/The Rise of Rome, BioShock, Theme Hospital, Red Alert 2/Yuri's Revenge, Deus Ex/Gametap....


    I think that's all at the moment. I uninstalled a few recently, though. Could've sworn it was more than 12....

  8. Sorry, didn't realise it was in the wrong place...


    What do you mean "upgrade this engine"? Do you mean you want to do your own private modifications to the commercially available engine? You'll need to licence it if you want to sell a game based on it ... which would figure into your cost calculations to create a new engine.

    Yes, that was what I was considering, mainly because it is now, AFAIK, free. What I wanted to ask is it worth bothering with?

  9. Sorry, but Malachor was just a tad bit...crap.


    I like the areas themselves - they're very atmospheric - but the near-total lack of story rather ruined it for me...The academy in particular felt to me like a rather second-rate mod...


    The Star Forge, on the other hand was a polished and smooth play-through, and for that reason gets my vote.

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